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users. Netscape users Author: David McRitchie
type. Edit Macro resides in d:\spfmacro  for use with SPF/PC
HTMLDOC HTML documentation of URL usage in Netscape bookmarks.
Related REMOVAL, can possibly undo changes made by HTMLDOC 
SECSINCE, shows date and time last referenced in Netscape.  See HTML... macros, but no other macro is really similar to HTMLDOC.

HTMLDOC changes an entire HTML document so that each hypertext [--#hypertext --] entry shows the url after the hypertext anchor.  Should be done in a separate copy (version) for this purpose.  Do not run on your working bookmarks files as you could damage it.

SAMPLE "htmldocr.htm" original (88k) and a sample of results SAMPLE "htmldocs.htm (122k)" results from the HTMLDOC macro.  This is only an example of documention created from portions of a bookmarks file.  A smaller example of SAMPLE (35k).  These are unmaintained examples.

Code builtin if the current file end in "U.HTM" or "U.HTML" to delete all lines and copy in bookmark.htm into bookmaru.htm or something like test.htm into testU.HTM.

This macro will add a visible hypertext entry appearing similar to [-- --] on a separate line.

HTMLDOC can be a very useful tool when doing documentation or when preparing data within a PDS member.

Warning:  Use the HTMLDOC macro ONLY on COPIES of documents.  DO NOT USE IT ON YOUR ACTUAL BOOKMARKS.  This macro changes your coding, is not reversible, and may not be consistent in all applications depending on content of your original.  Consider this macro as being used for documentation only.


CLEAR CLEAR is the only option.  CLEAR if used will clear out the content and attempt to copy the original file that does not have a "U." just before the extension.


htmldoc clear
del .zf .zl all
copy file.htm

Internal Aspects:    [SPF/PC code] 

  1. Check is made if member in use is bookmaru.htm or bookmaru.html, if it is the member is emptied and copied from bookmark.htm or bookmark.html, You will have had to modify macro to work for you depending on your suffix in use.
  2. Check if last letter and extension is "U.HTM" or "U.HTML", in which case clear out the data, and copies from the original file (without the "U" suffix on the name).'.
  3. Removes x'0d2020' as unwanted data flagging end of lines.
  4. Changes any preexisting <DD> to <BR> so they won't interfere with text being added.
  5. Identifies hypertext entries (HREF="...") and inserts code after the </a> which includes new/replacement <DD>.

Netscape BOOKMARK file (Rel 3)

A bookmark file in Netscape is a regular HTML file, with some additional features added that help Netscape determine whether it needs to get a new copy.  You can use the SECSINCE macro to interpret the ADD_DATE=, LAST_VISIT=, and LAST_MODIFIED= dates that appear for each entry as seconds since 1970 as found in your c:/netscape/bookmark.html or .htm or  

Netscape allows you to have several bookmark files

There probably is not much help in this area; but here goes: 

Your normal bookmark file is probably c:\netscape\bookmark.html (or .htm). 

The use of folders in your bookmarks file

Rel 3 made the use of folders a bit trickier, but they are still there, and can be moved around.  If you run into trouble insert a separator and then insert the folder on top of the separator.  If you select a folder and insert a separator the separator will appear after the folder. If you first select a file or a separator the inserted separator will go after the selected file or folder.  Inserting a file directly on top of a folder will put the file into the folder as will cuting and pasting on top of a folder.  Use Ctrl+enter to select multiple items for a move, you can drag or cut and paste.

Sorting your bookmarks

This is all or nothing.  into folders, because EVERYTHING will be sorted alphabetically.
Suggestion:  In each folder in your bookmarks file, using properties add a blank at the beginning of the NAME.  In some cases to get the folders or files to the very top use two blanks and $$ (the exception).
The sort option is not visible under Item until at least one entry is selected.  BEFORE YOU SORT, you want to put all of your entries into folders and many of your folders

Book mark descriptions

You can personalize your bookmarks by adding your own descriptions to a bookmark.  Begin by selecting a bookmark then Item --> Properties then add your description and/or modify the title.  This description is not visible when you look at your bookmarks.  To see the description you must view your bookmarks file as an HTML document in your Netscape folder.  file:///c:\netscape\bookmark.htm

Also create a similar bookmark for the file populated with the help of the HTMLDOC macro.  file:///c:\netscape\bookmaru.htm

If you use ".HTML" suffix instead of ".HTM" try clicking on these instead:  file:///c:\netscape\bookmark.html  and your own documentation file:  help of the HTMLDOC macro.  file:///c:\netscape\bookmaru.html

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