REMOVAL edit macro

Macro name. REMOVAL Edit macro REMOVAL
users. Probably mostly HTML oriented use. Author: David McRitchie
type. Edit Macro resides in d:\spfmacro  for use with SPF/PC
REMOVAL REMOVAL removes the specified delimiters and all text between the delimiters. 

REMOVAL allows the user REMOVAL removes the specified delimiters and all text between the delimiters. 

Warning the use of this macro is for use of last resort.  You must be very aware of what was changed or exists before use and what you want after use.

Before use of HTML or HTMLDOC options suggest using HTMLSYN first to verify code before starting.

Before use of HTMLDOC option suggest creating a test file from a file similar to the original, running HTMLDOC, then REMOVAL HTMLDOC, and then comparing (COMPARE, @COMPARE, utilities) the result with the test file back to the original.

Just put into libraries on 1997-06-24 hasn't been in use very long and is substantially different from similar code, besides being a questionable program to run.

ISREDIT  REMOVAL  [lptr-range]  [NX]  { html | htmldoc | dlm1 dlm2 }

htmlSame as entering REMOVAL < >
htmldocCreates beginning and ending delimiters to match current use in the HTMLDOC macro.  Since either macro may be changed at any time you have to verify usage beforehand.  All warnings still apply use of last resort.
CC-range A process range between CC line commands is an acceptable line-range for this macro.  The default is to process all lines.
lptr-rangeIndicates that two line pointers are required to indicate a range of lines to be deleted. The line pointers must be a labels. Specifying one line pointer is invalid. 
NXAffects only lines that are NOT EXCLUDED from the display.


removal htmldoc

removal html

removal "<!--" " -->"

Examples: --possibly in future

removal nx htmldoc

removal .cc .cd html

removal .refa .refb "<"  ">"

Probably will require that paired delimiters appear last.

Internal Aspects:    [SPF/PC code] 

  1. Checks that no labels or exactly two labels appear in operand list.
  2. Other features checked for NX HEX UNHEX.
  3. Column pairs will be checked such that the second column must be higher than the first.  At least one column pair must exist.

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