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$$$ Fast Reference

Search Engines under $$Fast Reference

Alta Vista: Advanced Query
Index 16 million web pages
Has logical search operators and limited ranking capability
From Digital beats out LYCOS for most searching
Magellan's Frequently Asked Questions
Search Magellan
WhoWhere? People/organizations on Web.E
Find Email addresses of people on the Web. Also find organizations.
Like the original definition of the mouse in Webster's dictionary. No description should be necessary for somthing you should already know about.
Yahoo! Quotes

$$David McRitchie's Bookmarks
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$$SAMPLE Bookmarks File

AOL -- America Online

AOL -- Site Map
[] -- America OnLine, Site Map
AOL Home Page
What's to be found on Action BBS?

Arts and Literature

1492 Exhibit
The Virtual Library: Museums
WebMuseum: Bienvenue!

Bookmarks of Interest

Vortex Studios

Business and Finance

Investing, and Investments

National Discount Brokers Online Homepage
Security APL Quote Server

CNNfn - the financial network
Motley Fool
WebCrawler Select: Personal Finance


WWW Calendar Generator

Cars -- mostly purchase & safety information

1996 Saturn SL2 Sedan (5-spd)
The car I would choose as a terrific second car, IF could get 1000 off of MSRP.
Cramped back seat. Can't put carrier on top or on rear bumper easily. One brand that fits top starts at $200 and you have to choose skis or bikes, etc. SL2 with ABS ( 5-sp manual) would be a nice little car.
Auto Model Ratings
Relative Insurance Rates, Crash studies etc.
Auto Service Contracts -- July 1993
CARveat Emptor - Tricks of The Great American Consumer-Driven Car Deal -- Be Very Wary (Main Page)
Customer Incentives
Edmund's Automobile Buyer's Guides
Good Means for checking out cars. No comparison tables though you have to do everything individually by manf and model..
Edmund's Automobile Buyer's Guides
Edmund's Automobile Buyer's Guides
How To Negotiate the Best Deal on a Car
New Car Test Drive
Request for Wholesale Purchase
Safety Information
Select A Make
Edmund's down to choosing a car manf. level.
Select A Make
The Consumer Law Page - Brochures
Toyota Cars
Traffic Safety Resources
Water-cooled Volkswagen FAQ 1/3
Weekly AutoMarket Report
Welcome to AUTOSHOP-Online!
Welcome to AutoSite

Charities -- I contribute to, and related

Action on Smoking and Health (ASH)
CBBB Philanthropic Advisory Service Reports: Index
Renew America
The Better Business Bureau Central Web Server for U.S. and Canada
THE ENVIRONMENT on NRDC ONLINE -- from the Natural Resources Defense Council

Computer Clubs -- NJ

Welcome to the ACGNJ


DCF, GML, SCRIPT/VS, and conversions

ARRIX: DCF GML SCRIPT Formatting Converting - Service & Software

Dictionaries -- Computing

Dictionary of Computing - GUEST
Software engineering glossary
Dictionary of software terms, includes links within definitions.


Credits to finding EXCEL Hot-spots

Bob's Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet Tips

"PC Computing's 1,001 Tips: Microsoft Excel"
AnswerPoint Online -- Free Software
Bob's Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet Tips
Excel Tips and Tools
Free EXCEL examples from microsoft
Limited to 1000 users -- couldn't get in, so can try again some other time.
Microsoft Excel Home Page
Microsoft Support Online - Knowledge Base
Search MicroSoft's own database
The Microsoft Excel 5.0 Development Platform
Good descriptions of EXCEL 5 features with coding examples in VBA (Visual Basic).
Tip of the Day
EXCEL -- Quick Tips and Example Workbooks
Unofficial Microsoft Excel Page


AltaVista Search: Advanced Query & ISPF & OS/2
ISPF Project Web Site


Lotus -- LCS Support Web
Lotus tecnical support library
Lotus Home Page
Lotus Home Page
Lotus InterNotes Web Publisher


A First Guide to PostScript
PostScript -- Answers to Questions (the comp.lang.postscript FAQ v2.3) Jon Monsarrat This FAQ is formatted as a digest.
Most news readers.

Printing (HTML, Postscript, viewers are separate)

GenText, inc. Home Page


AltaVista Search: Advanced Query & REXX
Bruce Hake's REXX Page
GRFXREXX and other rexx os2 tools
Listing of REXX Consultants
The NetRexx Language - book

Software -- Computer

Free Database List -- China on URL find www3 version if any
Free Software Foundation
Freeware and Shareware For Financial Applications
Overview of Spreadsheets
SoftQuad -- HoTMetal

Visual Basic

Visual Basic Info Booth
Visual Basic, Applications Edition Macros for MS Excel

Windows NT

How to Create Internet Site with Windows NT only
NT Internals
Story: Everything You Wanted to Know About NT 4.0 (But Were Afraid to Ask)
Windows NT Information Center!


WINSITE large ascii directory

Breaking into brand new Windows could open door to pesky bugs
computers/conversions/ MW3: Widgets, Toolkits, Libraries, and GUIs
Looks like a lot of HTML, toolkits, conversions, cross-platform stuff.
CWSApps - 32-bit FTP / Archie / Whois
Hacker vs. Cracker
Hobbes Virtual Mirror - Walnut Creek OS/2 Archive
Microsoft Knowledge Base: Running REXX Scripts on Windows NT.
Stroud's Reviews for Compression Utilities
Who Really Owns Public Information
ZD Net

Comics -- Dilbert, Calvin

Calvin and Hobbes
The Dilbert Zone

Copyright & Intellectual Properties

U.S. Copyright Office Forms

Corporate Governance

Corporate Governance
Inside Corporate Governance

Dates, Birthdays, Valentine's Day etc., cards

Animated Fun Fast Free VALENTINE'S DAY Electronic Greeting Cards - little postcard pockets of love in cyberspace -
Be Mine---Your Valentine E-Card Shoppe

Dictionaries, and References

Computing Dictionary

Digital Pictures, KODAK, etc. (see also Photography)

Choose a Picture
Digital Video Camcorders for Multimedia
LIFE Photo Home Page
Photo FAQs and Documents
The Camcorder

Directories and Searching (also see People)

Internet Resources Meta-Index
WebCrawler Searching
WebCrawler Select
Welcome To InfoSpace


Hecklers Online
Las Vegas
Mr. Showbiz
Timecast: The RealAudio Guide
Welcome to MTV


Electronic Gourmet Guide
Food Network CyberKitchen
Virtual Vineyards


RAND Genealogy Club

Government -- US

Library of Congress Home Page
SEC EDGAR Database
The Dept. of the Treasury: IRS
White House


ALS: Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis
Bone Marrow Resource Foundation, Inc.
DrugFAQs: Melatonin Archive: melatonin

HOT Lists -- links to check out

Borg's Links Page
Harriet's Hot Links
HVL HR's Bookmarks
Safe Surf'n
Web Essentials

HTML -- Authoring, Guides, Materials, Syntax, etc.

Best Courses (FREE) for HTML

Patrick Crispen's Internet Roadmap


HTML 3.2 Quick Reference
HTML 3.2 Reference Specification
NCSA--A Beginner's Guide to HTML
Web Style Sheets
WebCom Guide - HTML Guide


A Kinder, Gentler HTML Validator
Suite of HTML Validation Suites
WebTechs HTML Validation Service ***

ADD/EXCLUDE your site to/from these search engines

A Standard for Robot Exclusion
The Sleuth URL Submit Engine Page

COLORS, graphics, for backgrounds etc,

Background Colors
ColorServe Pro
Create HTML color, graphics, etc.
HYPE's Color Specifier for Netscape v.3
RGB Hex Triplet Color Chart

Charm Net Learning
David Siegel's Home Page
Doctor HTML v5 -- Use Single Page Analysis
HTML 2.0 Example
HTML 3.2 Quick Reference
HTML Author's Guide to the Robots Exclusion Protocol
HTML Authoring & Marketing -- Information Links
HTML Quick Reference (8/20/96)
HTML Writers Guild: List of HTML Resources
HTML Writers Guild: WWW Resources
Index of the Internet Road Map
Inf-HTML: New Jersey Team OS/2
Interactive Maps
Internet Web Text -- Narrative
Introduction to HTML - Table of Contents
Introduction to Perl
Introduction to the Internet
Introduction to the Internet - Class notes
MBL/NLM Medical Informatics Course: The Internet
Simple examples for the AnyURL CGI forms utility
Technical writer -- resume.html
The Art of HTML
THE Netscape Frames Tutorial(tm) - NewbieNET
The Single-Pixel GIF
The URL-minder: Your Own Personal Web Robot!
Your own personal ROBOT to tell you when someone's web page has changed. Suggest using the Advanced EXPERT form.
Tools for WWW providers
Web Resources (Miscellaneous)
WebCounter Home Page
Webmonkey - HTML
Working with HTML
Yahoo! - Computers and Internet:Software:Data Formats:HTML
Yahoo! - Computers and Internet:Software:Data Formats:HTML:Validation/Checkers

Images, Icons

Graphics File Formats FAQ (Part 2 of 4): Image Conversion and Display Programs
Subject: Graphics File Formats FAQ (Part 2 of 4): Image Conversion and Display Programs. All FAQs in Directory:
graphics/fileformats-faq All FAQs posted...
Viewing Images on the Diskette
Library WWW User's Guide. Version 0.9b (c) 1995 by Peter Childs. Viewing Images on the Diskette. Viewing uses Generalized
Bitmap Module (GBM) To display any supported.

Internet Technology & Publications

Internet Resources Meta-Index
This document is intended to be a loosely categorized meta-index of the various resource directories and indices
available on the Internet. Please send suggestions for new entries on this list (any index or directory of resources)
Technology News

Investments, Fidelity, etc., Stock checking

ACADEME THIS WEEK: Information provided by Fidelity Investments
Byron Preiss Multimedia
Cadbury Beverages, Inc. v. Cott Corp.
Daily Prices
Dave's World at NetSpace: "The Finance Corner."
Directory : finance on Repository of Windows Simtel (Oakland University)
Dreyfus Homepage
Enforcement Complaint Form
Fidelity Investments
Fidelity Select Portfolios(R)
Freeware and Shareware For Financial Applications
Fund Performance Calculator Results
IDD Nestegg and Zacks, Stockwatch
Internet Center-Finance, Investing, and Economics Resources
Invest Wisely - Advice From Your Securities Industry Regulators
Investor Relations News Service
Lands' End, Inc.
Market News & Quote
MONEY Daily: Fund manager Michael Price sells Heine Securities for $800 million
Mutual Funds Magazine ONLINE
Mutual Funds Magazine, December 1995
Mutual Funds Magazine, December 1995 Contents
NETworth: The Internet Investor Network
NYSE Listed Company Links
Odwalla Dolla - Investor information
Pencil Pushers Home Page
Security APL Quote Server
Selected Excel Financial Functions
Smith Barney Access
Smithkline Beecham Consumer Healthcare v. Johnson & Johnson Consumer Pharmaceuticals Co.
Stock Quotes -- Yahoo Search Results
YAHOO List of items that may provide STOCK or Mutual Fund Quotes
STOCKS - Free 20 Minute Delayed Quote Watch
Sunlogic Securities, Inc.
The Nasdaq Multiquote Page
The Nasdaq Stock Market Home Page - Reload Often
The Smith Barney Page
The Vanguard Group
U.S. Securities & Exchange Commission
Useful Investor Relations Sites
Welcome to Hoover's Online!

Job Searching

% Salaries

Bank One: Career Navigator
JobSmart--Salary Info Index
Message Boards (BenefitsLink tm) -- loss of Benefits
MIS Salary Surveys
MIS Salary Surveys
Report on Salary Surveys
Salary Survey & Career Development Guide
salary surveys
The Information Professional's Career Page (tm): @BRINT (tm)

%Lifestyles and Interests

Garden Escape
NetNoir. The Soul of Cyberspace.

Local Help Groups

Somerset Hills YMCA--Programs and Activities

$alary Negotiations Home Page, with salary coach Jack Chapman
About Work: Discussion Groups
Alec Berry's Resume Page
Computer Resources Group
DICE Online Job Search
FedWorld Information Network Home Page
Fool's School: Ask The HeadHunter
For the Jobseeker
Hoover's Company Profiles
Job Search and Employment Opportunities: Best Bets from the Net
Job Search Skills
JobHunt: General Job Resources
Johnson & Johnson HomePage - Resume Submission
New Jersey's Job Search: Menu Search
QuestUSA -- Employment, Jobs, Resume, Work, Want Ads, Employee, Employer, AZ Jobs.
Reentering the Work Force - building a career
Resumes and Correspondence
The Information Professional's Career Page (tm): @BRINT (tm)
The Registry, Inc. - Information Technology Consulting Services
The Riley Guide--Employment Opportunities and Job Resources on the Internet

Jobs - NJ Employers

Bristol-Myers Squibb
Employment Opportunities at AT&T
Johnson & Johnson HomePage - Recruiting
Merck & Co., Inc., Whitehouse Station, NJ
RCG Information Technology
Source One Personnel, Inc.

Letter Writing, complaints, political, etc.

ComplainToWhom.html (last edited 1997.Mar.16 02:50 PST)
Examples in the Art of Complaining
WHY NO CUT? My trip to the Redwoods by Russell D. Hoffman

Magazines, PC

PC Magazine Home Page home page
Welcome to PC Week
Welcome to PC World Online!
Yahoo! - Computers and Internet:Magazines

Maps & Zip Code (also see people)

MapQuest! Interactive Atlas
Maps used in VT and VT2
U.S. Gazetteer
USPS ZIP Code Lookup and Address Information
USPS ZIP+4 Code Lookup
Vicinity Home Page
Yahoo! Maps


Adobe Systems
Apple Computer
RealAudio Homepage

New Jersey

# NJ -- Maps

100% Smokefree Dining in New Jersey
NEW JERSEY A Year of Picks
NJ -- WORLD OF INTEREST: Of New Jersey Interest
Access to WEB sites in NJ. Including Weather, Newspapers, Educational Facilites, Lottery winners, etc.
NJ -- WORLD OF INTEREST: Of New Jersey Interest
Access to WEB sites in NJ. Including Weather, Newspapers, Educational Facilites, Lottery winners, etc.
NJ Home Page
NJ WWW map page
NJ-WOI: New Jersey & The Entire Net
NJOnline Weather
NJWeb New Jersey Links: Outdoor Activities and Sports
Parents Resources
Raritan Valley Line
Somerset County Library System Home Page
Somerset County New Jersy, Tourism, Vacations, Events, Information
Weather: NJOnline Weather
Welcome to NJ WEB

News Stories -- customized

My Yahoo! news summary for Me

Newsgroups both good and bad


Detroit News HOME
Mercury Center
New York Times on the Web
Yahoo - Newspapers

NYC -- New York City

Sightseeing in NYC
WOW - Paperless Guide to NYC

People (also see maps & zip codes)

American Business Information Presents:
American Directory Assistance [Vicinity Map]
Rating 1 of 2, no middle names. Map of address available (good, not all street names).
AOL Member Home Pages
AT&T Toll-Free Internet Directory
Canada411 - Find A Person
Database America People Finder (has REVERSE search)
Good and possible ONLY REVERSE search, finds me with Reverse but not direct search ??
Four11 Directory Services (Email, Indiv,Govt, Netphone, Celebrity)
Find an E-mail address: if registered (Free) can locate lost friends based on organization, High School, etc.
Find a Telephone Number: (no reverse)
rating 2 of 2 (only middle initials)
Internet Address Finder REVERSE Email Address
PeopleSearch (multiple searches, 4 pull down menus)
I use the following with it:
1. Yahoo
2. Switchboard (AT&T) -- 2 NJ hits
3. WhoWhere -- 1 NJ hit, used to have reverse phone search.
4. White Pages
Search-It-All { Telephone, E-mail, Postal } *****
One Stop Searching: Phone Numbers, E-mail and Postal Addresses, Usenet, Shareware, ZIP and Area Codes, Maps,
Dictionaries. Travel, Fianancial and
Switchboard Home Page
Telephone Directory Paper: Facts About Current Producers
The Ultimate White Pages
Looks like one guy trying to keep on top of it. Come here if you can't find it elsewhere.
WhoWhere? Phone Numbers & Addresses **
Best one, has separate sections for Email, Phone, Communities, Internet phone, companies on net, Edger, Toll Free Phone, Yellow pages
Yahoo! - Reference:Phone Numbers
Yahoo! - Reference:Phone Numbers:Individuals

Photography and manipulations of same

Lonely Planet -- Eyewitness: Travel Photography
The Best Windows 95 Photo Editors

Science (expect mostly Magazines(

Computing Science: Can't Get No Satisfaction
Computing Science:Waiting for 01-01-00
Laboratory Spinoffs

Sites that are Different

Avalon Restaurant and Bar
Jelly Belly Online - "The original gourmet jelly bean"
JeRBo's Chat-Smileys
Swedish Amber Museum
The BrainTainment Center
The Mr. Showbiz Plastic Surgery Lab


Action on Smoking and Health (ASH)
AIRSPACE Action on Smoking and Health
Americans for Nonsmokers' Rights
ANR Launch Pad
ANR Launch Pad--with URL
Chemicals in Cigarettes
Larry Breed's Tobacco WebGuide
Links are spelled out, they are not in hpertext but they are described very well and organized very well.
More Bad News for Smokers?
More Information from ASH -- comment, dues, etc.
S.A.F.E. Smokefree Air For Everyone
Smokescreen Activist Network -- Bad Guys
Bad Guys --part of smokesignals which sells tobacco products, the site show little tidbits of tobacco history. Interesting but smokescreen is aptly named in their deception of what's important. (smoke and mirrors) -- good guys
Activists, keep up with activities and news from anti-smoking community, national news, send letters asked for by groups, etc.
Tobacco BBS -- News and Resources
Tobacco BBS is a free resource center focusing on tobacco and smoking issues. It features tobacco news, information, assistance for smokers trying to quit,
alerts for tobacco control advocates, and open debate on the wide spectrum of issues concerning tobacco, nicotine, cigarettes and cigars.

Stain Removal

Carpet Care Guide
Non-Hazardous Alternatives for the Laundry
Stain and Spill Removal Guide
Tide Stain Detective

System -- addons for my system

GSview Help
Help-VivoActive Player
Obtaining Aladdin Ghostscript
VivoActive Player Test Page
VivoActive Video Gallery

Tax, Income Tax

TaxSites - Internet income tax related information available on Internet

Time, and Date

Cut-N-Paste JavaScript - Date and Time
Time from Naval Observatory
Time Service Dept. -- U.S. Naval Observatory
The Time Service Dept., U.S. Naval Observatory is the official source of time used in the United States.

Travel (see also Maps)

GNN Select: Travel
The CIA World Factbook 1995
Virtual Tourist II

TV - stations

CBS Primetime Schedule Preview: This week on CBS
Discovery Channel Online
My IP address
First time found, then,,,
NBC Listings
PBS -- Public Broadcasting System
TV Listings by TV Guide, Yahoo area code 908


Knave on The Net
NJ WWW map page
NJOnline Weather
Penthouse on the Internet
Weather: Hunter Mountain Weather Forecast
Weather: Hunter Mountain Weather Forecast
Weather: NJOnline Weather
Web Server Resource Guide
Web Weather
Web Weather

WWW - domains, ...

Domain name registries around the world
Web Interface to Whois


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