SHIFTNX edit macro

Macro name. SHIFTNX Edit macro SHIFTNX
users. Normal text, html, dcf, coding, usage. Author: David McRitchie
type. Edit Macro resides in SYS1.TSOCLIST for use with TSO
Edit Macro resides in d:\spfmacro  for use with SPF/PC
SHIFTNX SHIFT NX line left or right.

The SHIFTNX edit macro permits the user to shift the non-Excluded lines LEFT or RIGHT.  This macro will not allow you to shift any lines which would result in loss of data. 

The SHIFT line commands in PDF edit allow you to specify a block of lines to be shifted.  This macro allows you to mark out the block of lines with labels and include/exclude only the lines within this area that you want to shift. 

An example would be in SCRIPT (DCF) where all lines except SCRIPT control commands were indented and you wish to remove this indentation, to permit normal formatting to occur or to use ".FO OFF FOLD|TRUNC|EXTEND" and not lose the positions at the beginning of each line.  (also see left@)

ISREDIT  SHIFTNX  [lptr-range]  [NX | X]  [LEFT | RIGHT [number-of-columns]] [VALIDNX]  [FORCE]

lptr-rangeIndicates that two line pointers are required to indicate a range of lines to be deleted. The line pointers must be a labels. Specifying one line pointer is invalid. 
NXAffects only lines that are NOT EXCLUDED from the display.  This is the default.
XAffects only lines that are EXCLUDED from the display.  This option reverses the default.
X NXSpecifying both options is necessary to override the default NX builtin this macro.
FORCE(optional) will ignore check which insures that data will not be dropped from the beginning or end of lines.
LEFT|RIGHT choose LEFT or RIGHT as the direction to be shifted.
number-of-columnsThe number of columns non excluded (viewable) lines are to be shifted.  Each non excluded line will be shifted with the PDF EDIT "(" or ")" shift line command.



Internal Aspects:    [TSO code]  [SPF/PC code] 

  1. Labels, if presented, are checked for validity.  If no labels used will use .ZFIRST and .ZLAST
  2. Columns to be dropped are checked to insure that they are blank. 
  3. Loops through the lptr-range area and shifts NX and/or X lines as requested. 

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