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Internet Explorer Right-Click Menus 

Right Click menus, are also known as context menus because the menus change depending on where you right click.  This page should give you a better idea of what is available in the Internet Explorer builtin context menus as you can see them all at once.  Some menus have been added to with additions. 
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Right-Click (Context) Menus (#rclick)

Right-Click menus are also known as Context menus and as Pop Up menus.

Depending on where you right-click in IE you will get different menus.

     Recase to default
     Recase to lowercase
     Recase to uppercase
     Edit with HTML Kit
     Scan with AVG
     Hex Editor
Iceows                      }
     Open With                }
Add to Archives
Add to
Zip & Email
     Send To                    }
  Explore contents
  Make archive (arj, zip, exe)
  Compress and Email
  Make rightie6.sfv
  Convert to folder
  Extract here
  Extract to
  Extract to folder : rightie6
  Check CRC
  Repair archive
  Convert to Self extracting.EXE

     Internet Explorer
     Microsoft Front Page
     HTML Kit
     Microsoft Excel for Windows
     Microsoft Word for Windows 1.0.2
     Choose Program


Title bar (#titlebar, title and blue fading color area) [Alt+Spacebar]

2  Restore

0  Minimize
1  Maximize

  Close   Alt+F4
The Windows shortcut key ALt+F4, Display the System menu for the active window, brings up this menu and you can move the window with the arrow keys even if the title bar is hidden behind the top of the screen.  Don’t confuse hidden title bar with the IE Full Screen View (F11) where there is no Title Bar.
  Open New Window
  Copy URL
  Copy Link
  Copy Name
  Make available offline
  Send To                    }
  Create Shortcut
A right click on a weblink within Favorites yields the same context menus and a “Sort by Name” just above “Properties”.

You can customize your links bar, by dragging a link to the links bar, you can delete an item by right click then delete.  See the my web page bookmarklets, which are JavaScript code that you can use on the address bar, favorites, or drag to the links bar.   linkbar

 0  1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8  9 10 11 12 13 14 15 Test bookmarklets:  grayscale
You can restore web page look by hitting F5 or Refresh button (IE) or Reload button in Netscape/Mozilla.

Right-Click within Page Content (#page)

Save Background As...
Set As Background
Copy Background
Set As Desktop Icon
Select All
Create Shortcut
Add to Favorites
View Source
Encoding                    }
  Test with or without background Test with theme

Right-Click on a Picture / Shape / Icon (#picture) * test

Open in New Window
Save Target As
Print Target

Copy Shortcut
Add to Favorites

Right-Click on a Selection within Page Content (#selection) “Select words/area” test

Select All

Alphabetize Your Favorites (#favorites)

As mentioned in the link bars top, a right click on a weblink within favorites yields the same context menu with the addition of “Sort by Name” just above “Properties”.
  1. Right-click anywhere on the Favorites menu.  [ref]
  2. On the menu that opens, click Sort by Name.  Folders will be listed first (if you have them), and then individual Web pages in the main list.  (Folders can be added with right click under Organize Favorites)
Additional right-click options in Organize Favorites: also on buttons(Create New Folder, Rename, Delete), Expand/Collapse, Explore, Search.

HELP, right-click options within   (#help)

toolbar icons   (#toolbars)

Right-click on the back/ or forward buttons brings up a list of links same as the drop downs on the same buttons + a history link (Ctrl+H).

Right-click anywhere else on toolbar for “customize” where you can add or remove toolbar icons, and choose between no text labels (icons only), show text labels, and selective text on right; and between small icons and large icons.

ieSpell, Right-Click addition for Forms     (#forms)

ieSpell, see Additions for IE (#additions), provides a Spell Check for Forms, you can click anywhere on the
page, but only data in the forms will be checked for misspelled words.  test with “Check Spelling”
   David McRitchie’s Site:          powered by FreeFind 

Right-Click Menu additions for Frames (#frames)

    Have a little fun with frames encompassing this page ...  [View without Frames]
Create an additional vertical split or an additional horizontal split

You can use IE Booster to break out of frames, see additions below.  Most sites using frames will not give you a choice of getting out of frames, without this additions breaking out can be difficult.  (note IEB is no longer free, you may find alternatives in bookmarklets at a later date)

Right-Click Menu additions for Google (#Google)

You play with the Similar pages with this one:
  (Use the page you have, right-click, use Similar pages if you installed).

You can play with the right-click translate page after going to this French url: -- this page has frames so the translation applies only to whichever frame is selected.

There is also the Google toolbar, and there is Google customizations.

Right-Click Menu (context menu) Additions for IE (#additions)

Problems with Right Click Menus (#problems)

Some sites may disable right click menus and disable your ability to select text.  To restore control see Favelet/Bookmarklet: Script Killer, disables all JavaScript code in a web page.  (Bookmarklets).
Some things that exist, that I've seen or heard of, but I just failed to put them in here because I could not find them.

ACGNJ   The material on this page was presented at the Amateur Computer Club of New Jersey (ACGNJ) on December 19, 2003 topic: Right Click Menus in IE with additional information on IE Keyboard Shortcuts and Bookmarklets (also called Favelets).
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This page was introduced on August 17, 2003. 

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