Outlook Express keyboard shortcuts

You can use shortcut keys to select commands and navigate through the preview pane and the message list. Except where indicated, shortcuts apply to both mail and newsgroups.  The Outlook Express  "keyboard shortcuts"  in HELP is properly laid out so that you can use FIND, so this page is mostly unnecessary.  There are some undocumented shortcuts listed at bottom.

Main window, view message window, and send message window
Open Help topicsF1
Select all messagesCTRL+A
Main window and view message window
Print the selected messageCTRL+P
Send and receive mailCTRL+M
Delete a mail messageDEL or CTRL+D
Open or post a new messageCTRL+N
Open the Address BookCTRL+SHIFT+B
Reply to the message authorCTRL+R
Forward a messageCTRL+F
Reply to allCTRL+SHIFT+R or CTRL+G (news only)
Go to your InboxCTRL+I
Go to the next message in the listCTRL+> or CTRL+SHIFT+>
Go to the previous message in the list CTRL+< or CTRL+SHIFT+<
View properties of a selected messageALT+ENTER
Refresh news messages and headersF5
Go to next unread mail messageCTRL+U
Go to next unread news conversationCTRL+SHIFT+U
Go to folderCTRL+Y
Main window
Open a selected messageCTRL+O or ENTER
Mark a message as readCTRL+ENTER or CTRL+Q
Move between the Folders list (if on), message list, preview pane, and Contacts list (if on). TAB
Mark all news messages as readCTRL+SHIFT+A
Go to a newsgroupCTRL+W
Expand a news conversation (show all responses) LEFT ARROW or PLUS SIGN (+)
Collapse a news conversation (hide messages) RIGHT ARROW or MINUS SIGN (-)
Go to next unread newsgroup or folderCTRL+J
Download news for offline readingCTRL+SHIFT+M
Message window—viewing or sending
Close a messageESC
Find textF3
Find a messageCTRL+SHIFT+F
Switch among Edit, Source, and Preview tabsCTRL+TAB
Message window—sending only
Check namesCTRL+K or ALT+K
Check spellingF7
Insert signatureCTRL+SHIFT+S
Send (post) a messageCTRL+ENTER or ALT+S
Undocumented Shortcuts 
View Headers from within Message Window CTRL+F3
Redo (restore) after Ctrl+Z, but can be used only once immediately after Ctrl+ZCTRL+Y
Undo listed in menu but not in the Keyboard shortcutsCTRL+Z

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