Internet Explorer keyboard shortcuts, mouse shortcuts 

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Keyboard Shortcuts (#table)

You can use shortcut keys to view and explore Web pages, preview pages before printing, use the Address bar, work with favorites, and edit.  Copied from IE Help shortcuts, to be able to use FIND.


Click a heading, or press the TAB key to highlight a heading, and then press ENTER.
To do this Press this
Viewing and exploring Web pages  
Display Internet Explorer Help, or when in a dialog box, display context Help on an item. F1
Toggle between full-screen and regular views of the browser window. F11
Move forward through the items on a Web page, the Address bar, and the Links bar. TAB
Move back through the items on a Web page, the Address bar, and the Links bar. SHIFT+TAB
Go to your Home page.ALT+HOME
Go to the next page.ALT+RIGHT ARROW
Go to the previous page.ALT+LEFT ARROW or
Display a shortcut menu for a link.SHIFT+F10
Move forward between frames.CTRL+TAB or F6
Move back between frames.SHIFT+CTRL+TAB
Scroll toward the beginning of a document.UP ARROW
Scroll toward the end of a document.DOWN ARROW
Scroll toward the beginning of a document in larger increments. PAGE UP
Scroll toward the end of a document in larger increments. PAGE DOWN
Move to the beginning of a document.HOME
Move to the end of a document.END
Find on this page.CTRL+F
Refresh the current Web page.F5 or
Refresh the current Web page, even if the time stamp for the Web version and your locally stored version are the same. CTRL+F5
Stop downloading a page.ESC
Go to a new location.CTRL+O or
Open a new window.CTRL+N
Close the current window.  Also useful to get rid of a page that tries to disable the Back button, or take over control.  The Esc key only stops a download.CTRL+W
Save the current page.CTRL+S
Print the current page or active frame.CTRL+P
Activate a selected link.ENTER
Open the Search bar.CTRL+E
Open the Favorites bar.CTRL+I
Open the History bar.CTRL+H
In the History or Favorites bars, open multiple folders. CTRL+click
Using Print Preview  
Set printing options and print the page.ALT+P
Change paper, headers and footers, orientation, and margins for this page. ALT+U
Display the first page to be printed.ALT+HOME
Display the previous page to be printed.ALT+LEFT ARROW
Type the number of the page you want displayed.ALT+A
Display the next page to be printed.ALT+RIGHT ARROW
Display the last page to be printed.ALT+END
Zoom out.ALT+MINUS
Zoom in.ALT+PLUS
Display a list of zoom percentages.ALT+Z
Specify how you want frames to print. This option is available only if you are printing a Web page that uses frames. ALT+F
Close Print Preview.ALT+C
Using the Address bar  
Select the text in the Address bar.ALT+D
Display a list of addresses you've typed.F4
When in the Address bar, move the cursor left to the next logical break in the address (period or slash). CTRL+LEFT ARROW
When in the Address bar, move the cursor right to the next logical break in the address (period or slash). CTRL+RIGHT ARROW
Add "www." to the beginning and ".com" to the end of the text typed in the Address bar. CTRL+ENTER
Move forward through the list of AutoComplete matches. UP ARROW
Move back through the list of AutoComplete matches. DOWN ARROW
Working with favorites  
Add the current page to your favorites.CTRL+D
Open the Organize Favorites dialog box.CTRL+B
Move selected item up in the Favorites list in the Organize Favorites dialog box. ALT+UP ARROW
Move selected item down in the Favorites list in the Organize Favorites dialog box. ALT+DOWN ARROW
Remove the selected items and copy them to the Clipboard. CTRL+X
Copy the selected items to the Clipboard.CTRL+C
Insert the contents of the Clipboard at the selected location. CTRL+V
Select all items on the current Web page.CTRL+A

Mouse and Spacebar Shortcuts in IE   (#mouse)

Shortcuts involving the Mouse are mostly undocumented in Microsoft Help files.  [scrollwheel, mousewheel, scroll wheel, mouse wheel, mouse button]

Spacebar:  Hitting the Spacebar in Internet Explorer or in Outlook Express will get you to the next page, and Shift+spacebar will go back a page.  Sames as PageDn and PageUp but easier to use.  (works in both IE & OE.  Does not work in Mozilla Firefox).

Selecting text within document or on address bar:  Hold left button down to make a selection.  alternatives:  Single click -- places cursor, double click -- selects a word, triple click -- selects a paragraph (or a line depending on where you are).  Shift + Click -- selects words from original cursor position ot current cursor position.

Right Click menus are covered on another page (rightie6.htm).

Scroll wheel:  Ctrl+Mousewheel will increase/decrease font size displayed, Shift+Mousewheel will operate like the Forward and Backward toolbar buttons.  You can customize the 4th and 5th mouse buttons to also do this (settings, mouse).

Mouse wheel button can be customized in Control panel (Settings, mouse), suggest changing to ENTER.

Interestingly if you look in Firefox Help you see under shortcuts “mouse shortcuts”, something not easily found in MS products.

Keyboard Shortcuts in IE   (#keyboard)

Like other Microsoft programs, especially in MS Office, you can find the shortcuts in HELP by looking for "Keyboard Shortcuts" in the index.

Use the Keyboard to Copy a URL (from an issue 50, Nov 5, 2002, of WinXPnews™)

A lot of you like to send URLs to your friends or save them to a file. You can click the address bar in the browser and select the entire URL, but some of them get awfully long and it makes drag selecting a real bummer. Try this out:

Go to a Web page in Internet Explorer.

There you go! You copied and pasted the URL without your hands ever leaving the keyboard.

Keyboard shortcuts in Firefox Keyboard shortcuts are practically the same in both IE and Firefox.  If you look in the Firefox Table of Contents you can see a comparison.  The shortcut I miss most in Firefox is the Spacebar used in both IE and OE to go down one screen within a document just like PageDn, and Shift+Spacebar just like PageUp.

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