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This page and most of my pages are purposely not indexed for web search engines.  So, hopefully, you are here because you wanted to be here, and not because you were tricked into visiting my pages.  If you like what you find and especially if you have used something that you like please sign my guestbook, or email me.

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Regina Rexx

I have installed Regina REXX (0.08d Beta version) on my Windows NT system for the ability to run executes that are not part of macros.  [my own notes]  For future consideration will be whether I can replace the REXX in SPF/PC and whether it would be advisable to do so.  The problems I have in SPF/PC are unrelated to REXX.

REXX Documentation

SPF/PC has REXX documentation which can be accessed quickly. Other places... IBM Bookshelves OS/390 Internet library
  • The on-line catalog can be found at: Redbooks can be found at:

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    Many of my macros were in fact oriented to composing DCF -- (PIR, PINX, etc. see DCF/GML on my home page.