Title:    Office 2000, my experience in installing - Progress report

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Author:    David McRitchie    DMcRitchie@   also DMcRitchie%20%6Dsn.com 

Document Creation Date:   July 12, 1999

FWIW, Word says I last updated this document (mm/dd/yyyy) on 07/25/1999 9:40 AM.

Last time bothered entering an update date:  July 25, 1999.   


This document created via Word 2000 as a web page.  I don’t like the code generated but as long as it can be read on AOL 4.0 (16-bit) it will be in the format as long as it does not take up too much space.   The purpose of trying this in Word is to do this as quickly as possible, not to make a fast loading document.  In any case as an HTML document, I believe it will take up less space than a Word document, and in any case, I need the HTML document.


I will attempt to record problems and solutions in installing Office 2000, Excel 2000, and using Outlook Express instead of AOL.


Newsgroups in addition to those I had been looking at for Excel now include office:







This really is a work in progress, so you should check back if you are trying to do the same things.  Better yet tell me your experiences by email mailto:DMcRitchie%20%6Dsn.com


Construction Notice:

This document is under constant revision since I started it on July 11, 1999 expect frequent changes to continue.


Using MSN 2.5 for Windows NT 4.0 Technical Beta.
My system is Win NT 4.0 Workstation  (SP4)


Purchased a new disk drive so could install Office 2000

I purchased an 8.4MB EIDE disk drive ($106 US  with sales tax) as I had very little empty disk space left on my 3.2GB original disk (60MB and 20MB on c: and d: partitions).  When I installed the HD  there were some surprises.  I had to restore my D: drive with my backups, for instance;  Other than that it went relatively well.  During the install I was asked if I wanted to make copies of my old disk.  Had I known that I would have installed the new disk a master and the old as slave.  There was a failure during the copy because it tried to copy larger partition into a smaller partition.  Afterwards I wiped out what I thought was a copy using format, instead it was my original D: drive with all of my data, instead it was the only copy as there was no copy of the original.  Because the drive letters are reassigned, alternating between Disk 1 and Disk2.  I wiped out the original D: drive reassigned to E: thinking it was a copy when in fact it was the original and there was no copy.   If you are not taking backups, I recommend purchasing a CD-Writer and taking a look at my backup.htm


Dial up access with WinNT 4.0   (30 day free trial period)

This section applies only if you have WinNT 4.0.   Win9x people will not have problems with AOL or MSN.  WinNT 5.0 will have easy access to MSN without need for the MSN 2.5 for Windows NT 4.0 Technical Beta. 


In August 2000, I lost access via MSN using WinNT and have been using free access which comes with advertising but it does work with WinNT.  It appears now that MSN technical support will not help you once you mention Windows NT. The rest of this topic may not be of further interest., once you have something that works and is free compared to something that doesn’t work.  .   (information on no fee access


Eventually was able to access via MSN again, (about Dec 2000) final problem was with passwords caused by MSN dropping connection and being inaccessible.  I still use MSN since and have very few connection problems from my home, and have my email as MSN, but would not recommend MSN as a viable ISP because there is no decent access to non Microsoft newsgroups, and MS newsgroups are a very very small fraction of newsgroups available.  Also MSN does not provide webspace with your subscription.   In any case if you do use MSN eliminate all butterflies to logo-ed internet access, you want to use dial-up and have nothing to do with MSN interface to dial-up or access to newsgroups via web interface. Also note free web access at home is a thing of the past unless you are perhaps part of some special group  (updated Oct 2002).


Using Win NT 4.0 Workstation with AOL as an ISP, one must use 16-bit browsers and AOL.  This apparently also applies to MSN as an ISP.  But there is a Beta that allows one on WinNT to use dialup access, obtained from customer support when asked about installing  IE5 CD.


which will identify  MSN_NT4.exe  as an 8 meg download to get you functional.    The install will guide you through things, don’t know of anything important that should be done but wasn’t.  AFAIK you only get a single userid on MSN.  ( AOL, on the other hand, gave you 5 screen names + web space.)


MSN sign in:  not set to automatic, so connection will not take place when you get into IE5 or Outlook Express until you press the connect button.  This allows you to work offline.


Unexpected things encountered:

This is not a dialup with a firewall like AOL, it appears that I am somewhat of a server to MS when coming up.  The computer name of my system has been made known  through MS Outlook Express in my Email.   IE5 shows address book under user profile.

Clicking on MSN on taskbar shows two way correspondence even though not actively doing anything (scary or what?).

TCP address, and other things.

MSN: Settings do not appear to have multiple location settings but  I found them in Connection Settings --> dialing properties,  that last button seems a little out of the way but that is where locations are done from.


Major Problem:  incorrect  Email address in newsgroup replies

Had entered my name somewhere for newsgroups but posting showed garbage in from area.     If not a major problem it was at least an embarrassing problem.


  1. I could send email okay correctly with Outlook Express but when I replied to a
    message my email address was incorrect.  I checked MS KB and did not find any hits for new_user@email.msn.com.


  1. Found the following in REGEDIT  and fixed the Email address: (7/15/1999)


·         Software\Microsoft\internet account manager\accounts\netnews.msn.com

·         NNTP Data Directory = netnews.msn.com

·         NNTP Email Address = new_user@email.msn.com

·         NNTP Reply to Email Address =



Solution for incorrect  Email address and or name in newsgroup replies:


 Outlook Express, Tools ---> Accounts --> Mail tab--> Properties

Verify/correct  proper "Name" & “address” fields under "User Properties"

 Outlook Express, Tools ---> Accounts --> News tab --> Properties

     Verify/correct proper  "Name" & “address” fields under  "User Properties"

This should be done/verified with each account  Inbox,  and Newsgroups (both msnet, and mscom).  Finally think everything is fixed (7/25/1999).


The headers for email & postings are hidden in OExpress but can be seen under

     File  (or Right-Click) --> Properties --> Detail  .

Hopefully now will no longer see the following message:  

The message could not be sent because the server rejected the sender's e-mail
address. The sender's e-mail address was 'Xïx'. Subject 'Re: Conditional cell
formatting (AOL members connecting to MS server)', Account: 'MSN Mail xx',
Server: 'smtp.email.msn.com', Protocol: SMTP, Server Response: '553 Unknown
Error', Port: 25, Secure(SSL): No, Server Error: 553, Error Number: 0x800CCC78


Welcome surprises

You can set the inactivity time cut off limit yourself.  I set mine to 5 minutes.  The connection will stay active as long as anything is using the connection such as IE5 or Outlook Express.  Even if they are brought down you can stay online.  Even if they are up you can disconnect.   You will not get cutoff automatically in the middle of anything, my connection was up for six hours when I left OE up and went to bed.  Must get into habit of making sure I am disconnected, the only real indication of being online is the icon near the clock. (7/16/1999)


Learned that you can bring up a second copy of IE by first selecting the shortcut then holding shift and clicking on the shortcut.  Previously I used IE only on my own site, this way I can look offsite in one and on my own pages in the other without using  File --> New which can annoying as you would might have to retrieve a minimized copy before  creating the second. (7/12/1999)   Also hitting spacebar moves down one frame but for 3 lines.  Additional navigation shortcuts can be seen in IE  help, navigation.


Regain use of telephone because can work offline, and get back to newsgroups/ web pages online at anytime.  If I end up dialing in 60 times per day I might even consider tone dialing. (7/13/1999)


Working offline with Email and Newsgroups:

Found that If I use Tools --> Synchronize  ALL,  that I will get logged off automatically as long as IExplorer was not brought up first like when connecting beforehand.   OE5 will place you on a sign-in dialog and will log off again as long as you got in by OE5 dialing out in the first place.  This does not work from the  Synchronize button.  (11/17/1999)


MSN Browser:

Internet names are not apparently visible:  you can see them by moving cursor over black area at top.   You can make them last longer by clicking on the up/down triangle at left of navigation buttons.   This page is really same as IE5 page it just looks different because it has stupid black background and navigation.  You can choose to have IE5 instead which I did


IExplorer 5.0

IE5 came with the Office 2000 installation so I upgraded my IE4 to IE5.


Tools --> Internet Options

General:  delete files, previously these were strictly your own files; under settings  Move the folder

History:  clear history, change to 21 days

Content:  turned AutoComplete off, appears to be back on, since it hasn’t interfered it will stay on for now.

Connections:  MSN (default);  always dial my connection.

Programs:  Always check if default browser.  I don’t know what the ramifications of not having this on but not taking a chance; contact list – address book.  I now have this box unchecked.

Advanced:  didn’t change anything recently


Having been on AOL, I used AOL and Netscape secure in the fact that IE5 could not access anything on the web.  This won’t be true any longer so have to change all settings on how you want to back up pages, use security options, etc.   Also moved the folder where these pages are cached off of my already overloaded c: drive.


Don’t forget to include your name and userid along with changing your internet options.


Outlook Express:

Settings in Tools, Options, General


Control Settings, Sound

Change the annoying “You;ve got mail” to  3 chime sound under “New Mail Notification”, and since I also have AOL under America Online options:  “You’ve Got Mail”.


which is louder than most sounds, but not as annoying.   I have eliminated most of my sounds and have the sound turned down so it is barely audible most of the time.


Settings in Tools, Options, Read

Specifically checked automatically expand grouped messages.  In fact everything is checked off except for marking all messages as read when leaving.


Settings in Tools, Options, Send

Not sending annoying MIME messages to Newsgroups and Personal E-mail.   MIME takes twice the bandwidth and is annoying to a lot of people including all people on AOL.

Options --> Send

   Do NOT chose HTML anything.  Use plain text and under plain text settings use Uuencode.

   Chose other settings that seem right – do NOT put people I send to automatically into address book.

   Maintenance, do NOT use any logging options


Newsgroups online offline

1.      OE trying to get all newsgroups loaded up, not just headers 

2.      The files can be downloaded for offline use with the curved arrow or with Tools – mark for offline.  When subscribing to a newsgroup you can choose to download all or download headers.  You can change that option later with …

3.      placing the red flag and spectacles on a group will help identify interest.

4.      Note the pull-down menu  hide previously read and ignored messages.

5.      OE, IE5 tried to put the stored files on another disk but they are on my c: drive and nothing is on the other disk in the folder I created for this purpose all are going onto my c: drive.

6.      How do I delete postings no longer interested in.


Outlook Express was taking up too much room on my C: drive   (1999-12-12)

All of the mail and newsgroup postings were in:

     C:\WINNT\Profiles\Administrator\Application Data\Microsoft\Outlook Express

I copied files and subdirectories to a backup CD-RW probably unnecessary, but good to have backup.   My userid is “administrator”.


Then I created the same directory structure on my h: drive.
      h:> MD   “WINNT\Profiles\Administrator\Application Data\Microsoft\Outlook Express”

Which turned out to be very good since when changing directories, I must choose an existing directory with browse filesnames.   No option to change the string where the current store is.


In OE5 ==> Tools ==> Maintenance ==> “Store Folder” button to move message store.

Changed to the above mentioned using the browse for file, which is the only option:

     H:\ WINNT\Profiles\Administrator\Application Data\Microsoft\Outlook Express


The directions say to take OE down, which I did and upon bringing OE5 back up saw files being copied.  So the copy is automatic.   I took down OE5 and renamed the above mentioned “Outlook Express” directory to “old-outlook-express” so I can delete the this remaining garbage later.   Brought up OE5 and everything working.  Regained 136MB on my c: drive.


The above is based on reply by Mark Ferguson  msg-id <e6$VJh$Q$GA.70@cpmsnbbsa04>


Newsgroups: microsoft.public.windows.inetexplorer.ie5.setup

OE5 is a part of IE5.


The following additional information below in Mark’s posting  will be used when I get a new computer and want to copy my mail and newsgroup postings to the new computer.

Have a look at Steve C's site for backups, etc.

marfers notes for OE 5 > (17K)   (no blanks in following just underscores)



Conversion of AOL Address book, someone in an Office newsgroup suggested sending Email to everyone in your address book and asking them to reply so you can have them entered automatically into your addressbook.  This is nonsense and places an undue burden on people you have in your address book.  The following is what I did.


On AOL 4.0 (16-bit) select each entry in your addressbook as a  SendTo:.   Then copy from the sendto area into the body and delete the sendto area.   Expand the width as much as possible then use  File --> Save As.


Use a text editor.  Mine is SPF/PC using REXX (from bottom: tfind  prev “,”; :ts).  Yours undoubtedly will have to be different, for those really adept at VBA, a VBA macro could probably be used separating rows with each comma encountered.  Substituting  x’0A0D’ might actually do something.

Edit lines so that one Email address and associated names is on a single line. 


Convert  using text to columns on (,  and replace to eliminate single quote right parenthesis and single quote.   Then copy name column to next column and use my SepTerm macro to separate first name from remainder.  SepLastTerm might work better for some people.

   xxxxx_yyyy@site.com(‘firstname lastname (at home)’)  to columns

   xxxxx_yyyy@site.com | firstname lastname (at home) | firstname | lastname (at home) | <fill in club affiliation>

text to columns could have been used to eliminate the second (at home) type of information – should have left this in.


The Excel spreadsheet has these headers and I also used.   The topic names are:

    E-mail Address, Name, First Name, Last Name, Department,

Save as a  .csv  file and import into Excel.   With XL2000 that can be done  with the Data menu item.  

In Outlook Express  import the .csv  file under  File --> Import,  it did not pull in Department even though that is a category that exists in the address book and was a check box if you export the address book.    Redid it you must add one more header or enter a comma at end of first line of .csv file.  If you have a field not in the address book you get a chance to equate an address book field to your field – just remember that ending comma.  I used Department to put in Club name, friend, relative, etc., that will show up on a cursor passover.   One thing that should really be done would be to mark every item as “Send E-mail as Plain text only” but is covered in my options.


This was a good exercise, the opposite is to create a spreadsheet using File --> Export from Outlook Express.  Actually I did this first in order to find out what titles were required when preparing my Excel spreadsheet  for the transfer process.


Updating the Address Book or just Printing it from an Excel spreadsheet

Someone wanted to do this so might about as well include it here since it relates to the above.


Manually get into address book,  select name,   first sheet is a summary,
choose Name tab,   enter email address  or double-click on default email address to
change one already entered.

Exporting Address Book to make modification in a Spreadsheet

                 (must be Imorted as a text file so keep it as a text file)
 MS Outlook Express
  Get to the Address Book and export it
   Tools --> Address book
   File --> Export --> Other --> .csv file --> c:\temp\addr.txt
       fill in every checkbox
      File --> Open --> c:\temp\addr.txt
      data delimited
      make all fields text or at least any column with only numbers
      select cell C2, then   Window, Freeze Panes
      Enter missing Email addresses and anything else missing you want to fix
      File --> Save
MS Outlook Express
      File --> Open --> text (.csv file) --> c:\temp\addr.txt
      Replace all


Display of Address book

The display or view of the address book is controlled under Tools --> View, where you can choose  List or Detail.   Detail gives you the best view where you see both the name and the E-mail address.   The detail view can be sorted by its various columns.


Sending Email to individuals selected from Groups      

You will have to start with the address list before filling in the Email form.


Tools --> Address book -- to get to address book
View --> Folders and Groups (checked)
expand the contacts on left side to see group and select it
Select individuals on right side
Tools --> Action --> Send Mail  (which starts the Email form)


Additional information on Address Books:

How to Copy an Outlook Express WAB to Another Computer



Outlook Express is on c: drive how do I move it elsewhere:   ***NEW***

C:\WINNT\PROFILES\Administrator\Application Data\Microsoft\Outlook Express

Occupies 162,201,318 bytes of needed space on my c: drive, and I want to move it to my h: drive.  What options do I have and what folder names should I, or must I use.  Appears to have only .dbx, .mbx, .idx, .nch files, am certain there are no .exe files or .dll files.




How to Copy an Outlook Express WAB to Another Computer





Completed the following tasks

·         Quicken reinstalled for 32-bit is using the  same data files interchangeably.  Chose not to try to be able to run either 16-bit under AOL or 32-bit under RAS.  (7/14/1999)

·         Have installed 32-bit WS_FTP_LE  it appears to be working but cannot update AOL to/from AOL website. Problem (7/14/1999)

·         AltaVista installed  Discover to search own computer like searching on AltaVista.  The Update or Index mode takes far longer than the original Personal Alta Vista, it also creates a messy search toolbar instead of nice search page only up when you need it.  Note: No longer free whatever Discover is now called.


WS_FTP_LE information:


16-bit version: Obtain WS_FTP LE (lite version) available at http://www.tucows.org  TUCOWS

Select system (Win3x, Win95/98, WinNT), I have to use Win3x to use WinNT on AOL dialup Network Tools  then find WS-FTP LE (freeware for individual use)



http://tucows.epix.net/ftpnt.html  click on the WS_FTP_LE link not the one below

: http://www.ipswitch.com/Products/WS_FTP/index.html     only payfor pro version available do not ses a lite version


Netscape  4.61  downloaded and installed:

About  15 MB  took about 2hr 10 minutes and downloaded without a hitch.   Installed without a hitch.  Later decided to make IE my default browser  for   .HTM   files as I had been doing because the edit it better from there (have two choices in IE5).    To do that had to go to My Computer , properties and delete the   .HTM, HTML  defaults.    Select and .htm file then shift+Right-click and make  IE5 the default for Open.

Will have to add my bookmarks  (one large Copy and Paste).    4.61 still has not restored sorting of bookmarks  so save your   3.0 version of Netscape so you can sort them.   Folders all have a blank in front of their descriptions so that they sort before those not in folders under the same directory folder.     The handling of bookmarks in Netscape as an HTML file is unsurpassed (except for removal of sorting).    Put the garbage bookmarks they include in a separate folder and my own in a separate folder.   Do not forget to backup the bookmarks.    H:\…..\Netscape\users\….


Since I did mention sorting of bookmarks, if you have Netscape 3.x version you can sort bookmarks.  Place a space in front of descriptions for folder-like names and everything will sort perfectly.


Bookmarks may be shared between browsers see import/export in IE5, and Help in IE5.


Netscape 4.7 installed from CD-ROM:  (1999-12-05)

Installed Netscape Communicator 4.7 from CD-ROM.  Did all the live-update stuff so did get the domestic 128 bit encryption.  But appears to have messed up Outlook Express, since it tries to compose a Netscape reply.  Reply-To and Forward from Newsgroups.  Reply-To and Forward from Email is okay.  Resolution:  Fixed in OE under  Tools -> Options --> General --> at bottom, make OE the default for both Mail and News.


Related, didn’t use yet but  Q154359 -- How to Change Default Mail Client for Internet Explorer  has a lot more information in it, and will probably have to refer to it if I want to open an email link from a webpage.



Desktop and Desktop Start:  (1999-11-23)

Added some things for easy reference, such as desktop into the Start menu, and

Folder of  shortcuts titled “Heavy Use Word Documents” also into the Start menu.

C:\Winnt\profiles\Administrator\Start Menu

·         C:\WINNT\Profiles\Administrator\Desktop\Heavy Use Word Documents



Setting the default back to IExplorer:

Online I like to use Netscape, offline and a MS sites I will use IExplorer..


Select the IE5 main icon on desktop

Tools --> Internet options --> Programs --> Reset Web Settings (reset web settings back to their original IE settings).


To use a different icon on selected shortcuts used mainly offline

  Icons:   Right-Click --> Properties   



Setting the default back in Outlook Express:

Installed Netscape 4.7 and it messed up Reply-To and Forward from Newsgroups to a Netscape email reply.  Email in OE was unaffected.  The solution:


Outlook Express:

Is installed as part of IExplorer, when I installed Netscape Communicator some options were messed up in OE see Netscape 4.7 above for problems raised and setting defaults back to normal.   Reinstalling OE did not fix the problems, and did in fact change the view for Inbox and Outbox from ALL messages to hide read, but that is easily reset.


Problem with icons and relationships      (mostly resolved)

Partial solution:

  my computer --> View Options --> File Types --> HiJaak --> [Remove]

     This changed icon in use but  .jpg  still doesn’t use the same icon, nor open multiple files within one

      IExplore window.


Not a new problem introduced with O2K but I have icons  that get associated with packages that work with bitmaps (HiJaak) and it takes over control of say .jpg,   the association with .jpeg is untouched how can I add .jpe to the IExplorer association.  Right now the association I want is IExplorer5.   Under My Computer, View Options, File types,  Like before just renamed  *.jpg  to *.jpe    Both IExplorer and Netscape can open from inside.


File type details:

(blue gif icon)  Extensions:   JFIF JPE JPEG

Content Type (MIME) image/pipeg

(IE5 icon)  opens with Iexplor


Edit shows:

Descript:  JPEG image

Content MIME:  images/pipeg

Default extension for Content type:  .jpe




If I edit OPEN this is what I see:


Application to perform action 

  "C:\PROGRA~1\INTERN~2\iexplore.exe" –nohome

  as in .   c:\program files\internet explorer\iexplore.exe


Use DDE is checked (on)


DDE message






DDE Application not running






Problem #2)  How to get rid of  the IExplorer box that appears while image is loading.


Problem #3)  How to associate file extension  with the single window when browsing

For some extensions (not all), I am getting

     Browse folders using a separate window for each folder

when I want

     Browse folders by using a single window that changes as you open each folder..


Problem #4

 Why do things behave differently browsing in My Computer than in folders viewed in (invoked in)  IExplorer.    Under My computer I select 4 bitmap files or 4 html files all four are loaded in, 3 flash by with the last one as the current view and the back button will go back through the others selected.   From IExplorer only  the last one appears and is viewable.



Adobe Acrobat Reader


I installed Adobe Acrobat reader 4.0, which allows me to print to my PostScript printer which is a big step forward. (7/24/1999)


Evidently IExplorer uses ActiveX,   Adobe has the following document to help if you do not want to use ActiveX, in other words if you want to browse PDF documents separately rather than in the IExplore window,  which I do not like at all because I want to see as much of the document as possible.     i.e.



I messed things up before I found this document which helped me to restore proper settings for Netscape and IExplore, but gave up on eliminating ActiveX, so will just use Netscape when doing these documents – at least, I have a choice.


Well actually Netscape now acts like IExplore so neither one is what I really want.


I had messed up my shortcuts so badly that shortcuts for MS Word  (WinWord) were invoking the Acrobat Reader as was the File, Edit option in  HTML documents using IExplore.  This I finally fixed with

     My Computer --> View --> Options -->  File types --> Microsoft Word Document, extensions .DOC was showing both  WinWord and AcroRd32.   Edited the Open option to make same as similar extensions, specifically for me that should read:

            "H:\Program Files\Microsoft Office2000\Office\WINWORD.EXE" /n

instead of

            "C:\Program Files\Adobe\Acrobat 4.0\Reader\AcroRd32.exe" "%1"

and once more using IExplorer on an HTML (htm) document Open  once again has option “Open with Microsoft Word for Windows” instead of something like “Open with Adobe Acrobat”.


Additional things to consider

Faster modem


Things redone on 32-bit:   

·         Reinstalled  Adobe Reader 4.0 with word search, actually I think because something else destroyed the Reader that I had, anyway one way or another I’m up-to-date.



Things resolved but not what I wanted or doesn’t make any difference yet:

  1. FTP to/from aol website  with WS_FTP_LE  32bit  look for at winsite.  Have installed but AOL requires user to be logged onto the account in order to make changes so can’t  use 32-bit version for AOL.
  2. How does one create a desktop shortcut for an HTML document to accessed directly with MS Word 2000 instead of IE5.   This document is a word document that was created at HTML from the beginning and is only stored as HTML never a word document.  With  IE5 as the default browser there is a File option to invoke  Word to edit the document,  as opposed to View, Source which has been around longer.
  3.  MSN logon screen has no locality is there a place to change/retain local numbers when on the move.  (don’t care now but might be important at some future date).  – there are locality numbers they are on a 2nd screen.



Disappointments once on 32-bit web access:    (incomplete/dissatisfied)



Things that really should be done:    (incomplete)

Untested but found on web



Logon to Services for which you had cookies before:    (incomplete)

IE5 cookies have to be setup for normal usage.

·         Google Usenet search  -- appears to be 12MB available free to DejaNews registered users under “homestead” or communities. WARNING gratuitous advertising pop ups.   Tit for Tat:  Java Script test at http://homestead.deja.com/LoggedIn.html  shows Java enabled but DejaNews does not support MS IE5 yet.    (done 7/13/1999)

·         MSN – also provides free 12MB of webspace, in their Communities.  MyYahoo

·         financial pages,

·         411

·         MyYahoo


If considering terminating AOL you had better change    (incomplete)  

·         Unsubscribe from bit.listserv.  newsgroups   -- Have done this anyway because AOL does not handle newsgroups at all well from WinNT 4.0 WS using dial-up.

·         411 web address while you still can, because you cannot purge it once you do not have access from old ISP.   Having web pages may delay this a long time.



Go through all screen names:  My AOL, preferences, WWW, advanced, purge cache and limit cache to 1 MB.   In fact do the same for all browsers.  This is the biggest space



Some additional installs (downloads)

  1. 1999-07-29 MS Office 2000 HTML filter  see HTML section in excel.htm

Related MS KB Documents:

·        Outlook Express 5 How-To-Guide   http://support.microsoft.com/support/ie/outlookexpress/oe6/howto/default.asp  

Related Documents:

·        Outlook Express 5.0, techniques for keeping track of postings excel/oe5.htm

·        Experience with AOL 4.0 (16-bit) using a Windows NT 4.0 system  aol_prob.htm 

·        My Excel Pages – David McRitchie   DMcRitchie%20%6Dsn.com   excel.htm

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