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The material here now just includes how to hook up with your ISP, and software that is particularly useful and free.  Free internet access is a relic of the past.

Outlook Express   (#oe)

Came with your system, so if you are not using Outlook for a business, then you probably have Outlook Express.  More information on setting some parameters, especially if you are going to read newsgroups can be found on my OE6 page.

POP Email service   (#pop3)

You may find yourself locked out of using some browsers for email, but I think that is a thing of the past.  I managed to tie in hotmail and email into my Outlook Express. (can't tie in Yahoo on my own computer perhaps don't have the spam me with Yahoo option).

To tie in HotMail to a Pop Email you might need to use something like Hotmail Popper 2.1.0 [Free], which can help you read Hotmail.  Examples for Endura 5.1, Outlook 2000, Netscape 4.7, Netscape 7.1.

Yahoo Mail   (#yahoomail)

Your email in Yahoo is by default readable on web pages. 

In order to use POP3 with Yahoo you must sign up to receive some of the SPAM from Yahoo, it is the "Yahoo Delivers" part.  Accept it for the least frequent intervals and don't accept any of the other advertising SPAM options for delivery to your mailbox.  You can add the "Yahoo Delivers" later when you fail to connect.

Directions:  use the links on left side of your My Yahoo, email screen.  These are what I found and used: Check Mail, Help Desk (which at this point is for Email).

Hotmail Mail   (#hotmail)

You should have no problem tying in an existing Hotmail account into OE because both are Microsoft and it would look bad if they weren't easy to use together.  It should work automatically, if it was already setup.  If you do not already have a hotmail account suggest obtaining it from within Outlook Express rather than from the from the hotmail site itself.  Look at the documentation at hotmail but install from Outlook Express.  Tools --  New Account Setup --  hotmail.  Note hotmail cannot be your primary account for any business usage.

Outlook Express has changed, used to be that OE would set you up almost automatically.  Best described by someone else how to do it now.  -- Hotmail, getting free Hotmail account, and setting it up in Outlook Express.

Free Email Services   (#freemail)

Freebyte's Guide to FREE E-mail services

Google GMail   (#gmail)

Free Web space -- Free Parking   (#parking)

Large Attachments (#attachments)

Large attachments in email are restricted by many providers.  Hotmail has a 1MB limit and 2MB for free mailbox.  Some places that provide free dropoff -- whalemail (14 days), dropload (48 hrs).

File hosting (#filehosting)

Store a JPG file online (#pictures)

Paricularly useful to upload a sceenshot as part of a problem report.

Avoid Spam (#avoidspam)

Mailinator, Have you ever gone to a website that asks for your email address for no reason (other than they are going to sell it to the highest bidder so you get spam forever).  Mailinator(tm)has no signup, instant anti-spam service, allows you to make up a mailinator throwaway address specifically to get a userid and password for website access.  Don't supply private information as your Mailinator email inbox can be read by anyone.  Try to pick a userid that no one else would ask to use as that is what you are going to use to find your generated subscription acceptance.  Mailinator will keep email for a few hours then delete it.

If you have your own domain you can make up an email userid for each newsletter subscription, and redirect that to an actual email address of yours.  If spam starts coming in you know who breached contract and you can terminate the entire email address and resubscribe with a different one.

Hiding E-Mail Addresses some protection through obscuring.

Transfer large files   (#transfer)

Useful to have if you have a Web Page   (#webdev)

Other Things you should have if you don't already   (#freestuff)

Finding free stuff is a big problem, perhaps this word/phrase list might help with a Google search:
      -buy -for-sale -free-to-try -free-trial -trial -price -purchase -€* -$*
The change to version 7.0 has imposed problems for MSN users using Outlook Express even when properly installed without the very unnecessary email support.  (your protection is when the file is opened) Even if you close AVG it still has components that check and reject all of your outgoing email.  So I have uninstalled it for now as 7.0 was required after Dec 31, 2004.  You receive an email message from From: AVG for Email <avgmail@localhost> which your email filters may automatically delete as an invalid domain but the text is as follows:
This is the AVG E-mail Scanner program.

I'm sorry to have to inform you that the message returned
below could not be delivered to one or more destinations.

------------------------------------------------------------------- 5.7.3 Requested action aborted; user not authenticated

Your e-mail message is being returned to you in the next part of this
message. Try to send the message again.

After Jan 16, 2005 see if Microsoft provides a free solution in it's beta (expires July 31, 2005, then no longer free) see -- available no see look for neowin

Screen Images for Web   (#images)

The best was Snagit (but it is not free), Jing claims to be free, but free version is a nuisance, it is trying to sell you Snagit anyway. In the meantime on Windows-7 I've cobbled together something that worked for one shot. (2010-03-29)

Download Grab-It 1.10 - Grab-It is a free, quick and easy way to get a section for your screen to print or save to a file - Softpedia. Well it may be free but it is not allowing anything but BMP files to be created (1 MB is far to large).

Windows comes with a free tool in Accessories called "Snipping Tool" works okay except to use it, it becomes the selected Window changing colors of what I wanted to capture.  So use the Graphic-Capture then use Snipping tool on that to create 200KB png file.

Then to put the image on the web for free use, you do not have to look at advertisements if you use Firefox as web browser and use Adblock Plus extension. (image example)

 PicPick -- Screen Capture
 Capture Full-screen PrtScr
 Capture Active Window Alt+PrtScr
 Capture Window Control Ctrl+PrtScr
 Capture Scrolling Window Ctrl+Alt+PrtScr
 Capture Region Shift+PrtScr
 FreeHand Capture Ctrl+Shift+Alt+PrtScr
 (all other option and tool hot keys deactivated)

PicPick Freeware download and review - screen capture and image editor from SnapFiles, screen capture application that includes an image editor and several on-screen measurement tools, including color picker, color palette, pixel ruler, protractor, crosshair and more.  Watch out for excessive global hot keys in options -- reduce to simply Print Screen options.

Free Software to try when I get a New Computer   (#morefreestuff)

Downloaded no chance to test yet   (#tobetested)

NotePad replacements (#notepad)

For Freeware notepad replacements I did Google search on
  freeware notepad sorting

This looks like a fairly comprehensive page of possibilities:

I have downloaded int and will check it out /\   It has Sentence case, sorting, colors HTML tags, numbers lines.

I've been using EditPad Lite /\ but sorting is not in the free version.  I like ability to
- translate text to lowercase, proper, or <ugh> uppercase;
- multiple files, each on a tab;
- numbered lines, character map, highlighting, URL (F11)
- ability to link to URL from a text file.
- features for printing (margins, preview)
but I think it is a bit big just running with nothing in it -- it is 4,556 K C:\Program Files\xint ---

String Replacements in Files (#replace)

Freeware Sites   (#freewaresites)

Unfortunately most sites do not limit themselves to freeware.

Note before you compromise your privacy and security by going to ZDNET and similar sites where privacy statements are meaningless because they send you sites to collect the information they are not allowed to collect according to the terms of their own privacy statements. (In other words anyone but a lawyer would call them liars).  You should Restrict access including to Java Script to such third party information collectors, spyware, and pop-up advertisers as,, which you can set in your Internet Explorer Browser with Tools, Internet Options, Security (tab), Restricted, Sites (button)

Links to freebie favorites   (#favorites)

You will find a lot of overlap, we all read the same things, and see something mentioned in several places within a few days.  News of Superior Free Software travels fast among internet users, and internet newsletters.

File manager in Geocities/Yahoo   (#ftp)

FTP access may have been cutoff from Geocities, if so use their File Manager,

You must *now* be a premium account to be able to use FTP access [FTP & premium]  More on Geocities/Yahoo blackmail where even existing accounts were brought to their knees.  If you can get free space elsewhere you should look into it because File Manager in Geocities is not suitable for more than a very small number of files.  [must check this out to see if having a profile name of "File Manager" actually allows you to use ftp to a single folder in Geocities, doubtful by should be checked, and it would be limited to one login profile, if true]

FTP Access to update your website, using WS_FTP LE   (#ftpupdate)

Example of
    FTP parameters for WS_FTP95 LE
Session: Update direct after transfer; show transfer progress;
force lowercase remote names.

Session Cont'd: auto detect

ASCII transfer: .dat, .htm, .html, .spf, .text, .txt

General: (fill in obvious)

Display: 4 digit years, year month day

Sort: Sort on Date, Directories at top (both sides)
Profile nameExtraOrdinaryClub at geocities
Host TypeAutomatic Detect or UNIX (standard)
Comment extraordinate

On the Second tab of FTP_WS LE

WS_FTP95 LE Startup Tab
initial Remote Host Directory: /extraordinaryclub
Initial Local Directory: d:\website\ExtraOrdinaryClub
Time offset in hours:3 --- (for US/Canada EST/EDT)
You will have to make sure that the website has filenames in lowercase letters, this is a UNIX requirement.  WS_FTP95 LE can help you with this:  see the tabs across the bottom of the WS_FTP95 LE window.

Options button at the bottom of the FTP window, brings up Properties dialog

  Properties:  General
      E-mail address:
      Text Viewer:       notepad
      Log filename:      f:\ws_ftp\WS_FTP.log      (this is your own diskdrive)
      [x]  Enable log
      [x]  Verify Deletions
  Properties: Advanced
      [x] Show Full Directory Information
      [x] Auto Save Host Configurations
      [x] Show Connect Dialog on Startup
     Network Buffer Size:  Receive size:  4096,   Transmission size:  512
     Double Click Action:  View File
     Transfer Rate Display:   Bytes per sec.
  Properties: Display
     Listbox Font:   ANSI Fixed
     Date Format:  [x] Display 4 digit years,   Year Month Day
   Properties: Sounds:   (do your own thing or use theirs)
   Properties: Sort: Local   [x] Sort on Date,  [x] Directories at top
   Properties: Sort: Remote  [x] Sort on Date,  [x] Directories at top
      (***Important to sort by date -- last changed -- so you only copy over new stuff ***)
   Properties:  Pro:  (suppressed lin Lite Version)
   Properties: Session:
       Host Type:  Unix Standard
       [x] Update Directoreis After Transfer
       [x] Force Lowercase Remote Names       **** IMPORTANT *****
   Properties:  Session (cont'd)
       [x] Auto Detect
   Properties:  Convert:   (nothing here)
   Extensions:  ASCI Filenames and Extensions: .dat, .htm, .html, .test, .txt
   Associations:  (none needed here for me)

Outlook Express 5.0 Properties   (#oe_properties)

Yahoo MailParameters
Mail AccountYAHOO - JRSmith111
Name:John R. Smith
Reply Address: 
(v checked)  Include when receiving mail or sychronizing
My incoming mail server is:Pop3
Incoming mail (POP3)
Outgoing mail (SMTP):
-- use whatever you are connected to
or if connected to netzero
Incoming Mail Server:: 
Account nameJRSmith111
(v checked) Remember password
(unchecked)  Log on using Secure Password Authentication
(unchecked)  My server requires authentication
In order to use POP3 with Yahoo you must sign up to receive
some of the SPAM from Yahoo, it is the "Yahoo Delivers" part.
Connection Tab
(v checked) Always connect to the account using:
 Local Area Network

The following have not been tested without also having MSN   (#msn)


Mail AccountHotmail -
Name:John R. Smith
Reply Address:                  
(v checked)  Include when receiving mail or sychronizing
Server URL
Login NameJRSmith111


MSN MailParameters
Mail AccountMSN Mail **use this one**
Name:John R. Smith
Reply Address: 
(v checked)  Include when receiving mail or sychronizing
My incoming mail server is:Pop3
Incoming mail (POP3)
Outgoing mail (SMTP):
Incoming Mail Server:: 
Account nameJRSmith111
(v checked) Remember password
(v checked)  Log on using Secure Password Authentication
(v checked)  My server requires authentication
(v checked)  Use same settings as my incoming mail server

Some searches that would work with Google for other ISPs   (#providers)

Some hints for search arguments:
inurl:provider secondary account
inurl:provider "mail account" incoming mail "Outlook Express"

Disconnection   (#disconnection)

When you get a Disconnect notice, immediately click both of the following. 

Notes concerning HOTMAIL   (#hotmail_notes)

Known Issues for the Beta version of Hotmail Offline Support.  (also see hotmail earlier)
Thank you for using the beta version of Hotmail offline support from Outlook Express 5.

Hotmail has a new password policy. Passwords must be at least eight (8) characters long and may have only numbers (0-9) and upper and lowercase letters (A-Z, a-z). If you are an existing Hotmail user, it is recommended that you change your password at There may be potential issues logging in if your password is not updated.

Offload Hotmail folders from hotmail servers to personal LOCAL files
Welcome to the beta of Hotmail offline support from Outlook Express.

This innovative new email solution from Microsoft brings together the best of both worlds -- fast, local email from Outlook Express, and free web-based email from MSN Hotmail -- and provides seamless synchronization between the two.

Now you can use Outlook Express as the email client for your Hotmail account. With this new service you will be able to:

Our goal is to provide you with the best email experience possible. This service is in beta, which means that we're still working to make it even better. Please be patient during this phase.

Unable to access Hot Mail via Outlook Express   (#nopop3)

Don't lose sight of the fact that you can read email online at the hotmail site using your HTML browser (as a last resort).  If you want to change your security options (limit spam, and viruses) you must do this online (see oe6.htm#hotmail).

What's Running/Installed - Is it needed (#running)

Additional web pages on my site with downloadable free software of interest: Some websites that provide information.
This page was introduced on August 15, 2000. 
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