This article provides assistance with locating Firefox Documentation.  You will need to learn to use and to install keyword shortcuts to get the most out of this material. 

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Firefox Documentation Locators

Home page:
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This Site Provides Lots of Documentation   (#site)

My (Firefox Customizations (notes) (firefox.htm) provides a large list of extensions that I use with Firefox, but you can use keyword shortcuts of addons: and addons2: included later to find others.

Additional pages cover Setup (initial installation), Toolbars & Context menus, Bookmarklets, Bookmarks, Keyword shortcuts, and Tabbed browsing.

Short topics:  GoogleDefault BrowserFirefox PortableProfileNew ProfileQuick Launch (Windows)Use of MouseUse of TabsTab preference settingsSearch / GoogleNew ProfileSearch Engine assistance in Generating

Preparation in using this document   (#preparation)

Viewing Web Pages   (#viewing)

See an Outline based on HTML Header Statements:  Generate the Table of Contents (Alt+O) for this page and other webpages by installing the Document Map extension, then from the View menu, click on sidebar and then Document Map. 

OpenBook extension   (#openbook)

Please install the “OpenBook” extension to help you with bookmark properties.  In fact it would be very difficult to work with bookmarking especially in Firefox 3 without this extension.

Sources of Documentation   (#sources)

Tutorials   (#tutorials)

User Documentation   (#userdoc)

Some Selected listings from   (The Open Source Directory)   (#dmoz)

Firefox Keyword Shortcuts to Find Additional Documentation   (#kws)

Many of the keyword shortcuts involve use of the Google search engine (includes cheatsheet also available for sidebar).  Learning to use it properly will get you well on your way to finding almost anything on the web.  Suggest installing the Customize Google extension.
Keyword shortcuts make bookmarks much more powerful and may include use of substitution “%S” and may in fact also be bookmarklets (using JavaScript).  Listed below are some keyword shortcuts, bookmarks, and bookmarklets that will help you locate documentation, and extensions. 

I maintain most of my "public" keywords on my personal toolbar in a folder named "K".  Those that apply specifically to me or to my local area are maintained in another bookmarks folder not on my personal bookmarks toolbar.  Makes it easier to create them in one place quickly and to find them quickly if I forget the name.

If a keyword shortcut is suggested but not included below, please refer to Firefox Keyword Shortcuts (kws.htm), or to K -- Personal Toolbar Folder (example) (personal_k.htm) or to k.html all on this site.

keyworddescription (suggest including keyword at beginning of description)
::-- Search MozillaZine articles
addons:-- Searches (Google)
addons:s-- Search with it's own search (Mozilla);&show=50
addons2: -- Searches both and (Google)
addons100:-- Search with it's own search, I guess this will have to do as a replacement
for the advanced search, pick your category (Mozilla)
addons2: -- Searches both and (Google)
sumo2:-- Searches (Google)
ff:-- Specific file at David McRitchie's Firefox pages (file.htm)
ffs:-- Search David McRitchie's Firefox pages (Google)
ffwiki:-- Searches Wikipedia for Firefox items (Google)
ffwiki: search Wikipedia for Firefox articles
g:-- Searches Google (include Firefox in search)
gff:-- Search OR
ggff:-- Searches Firefox newsgroups (See Search page for search operands)**+%s&hl=en&num=100&%s
ggff:all-- Check all postings last month (See Search page for search operands)*&as_drrb=q&as_qdr=m&safe=off
similar:-- Find Similar websites (similar:)
ss:-- Site Search stay within domain of active tab
toolsoptions:-- Tools, Options (Documentation)

Auxiliary Documentation:
bug:-- Brings up the bug when number is supplied
bugs:-- Searches bugzilla for bugs (Mozilla search)
bugsq:     -- Searches bugzilla for bugs (Mozilla quick search)

Extensions at   (#addons)

The addon pages have removed version information, placed the important size of the file and the developer's comments in a hidden area look for “Advanced Details” and click on “expand”.  The “reasoning” can be found in Oh, and you have to login now to get a version that is “not compatible”.

Some Firefox and Mozilla Blogs (#blogs)

You are not likely to find much in the way of tutorials and manuals in the form of blogs, but you may find them interesting.
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