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Introduction (#intro)

favorites menu Internet Explorer has a very poor approximation of bookmarks in what are called Favorites.  One major problem is organizing your favorites files.

Netscape had bookmark.htm file which was an HTML file and you could have lots of bookmark files with different names.  You could sort your bookmark file, and each entry carried a last looked on date tag (or maybe it was created on date).  I have a REXX macro that will document the dates (see my nclist page of interest to those that use REXX macros, primarily systems programmers.

Internet Explorer uses Favorites where each bookmark link is a directory entry, each requiring at least 2000 bytes overhead.  You can have only one Favorites.  For myself as administrator my Favorites folder is: 
  C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\Favorites

Arrangement of my Favorites Folder (#sort)

Important Notice for Sorting Favorites
Before continuing try this tip from Internet Tips: Free Tool Nabs Web Bugs
   Choose Favorites, right-click any item in the list, and select Sort by name. 

There are some folders at the very beginning of my favorites that begin with a space so that they will sort to the top.  You cannot rename a folder and insert a space, you must create the folder with a space when you add a bookmark.

C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\Favorites

By selecting C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\Favorites from Favorites under Maintenance ---> Sort on Favorites.  I can bring up my Favorites folder and sort on the Name.  Upon exiting my Favorites have been sorted by name.  This probably does not work as permanent changes before IE5.

C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\Favorites

Some information on sorting was removed because it is now possible to permanently sort bookmarks as shown above.  The removed material can be seen here.

The following information has been removed from the ie6.htm page

Read the above topic(s) pertaining to sorting Favorites in IE6.  Not sure if registry entries from below are in effect or not.
The information for sorting Favorites and anything else with favorites has been moved (here) to Favorites / Bookmarks.  The old pre version 4.0 Netscape bookmarks had no problem sorting and maintaining well over 2000 bookmarks in a single bookmark file, but IE can't handle bookmarks at all, it only allows for a single favorites file.  Anything over 25 IE Favorites becomes so unwieldy, that I have practically given up on them and have only about 500 many of them foisted on me by IE and it's updates.  It took a long time to get something that can sort favorites in some manner, without having to use an old version of Netscape on an exported favorites file.  I dislike the fact that the Favorites file is unsorted, so any links that tell me how to sort the Favorites are probably pretty decent links for IE.  When I first put up my Favorites in Win2000 from Win98 they became sorted, but they were no longer in sort a year later.  I found one I could use, it makes a change to the Registry.  See "You can use this Registry file to reset" at IE Info Site \ Tips \ Sort Favorites by Name (IE4). «, it will sort favorites and maintain that order, but new additions will be added to end, so you would have to run again if you don't maintain order manually thereafter. To help you navigate down the Favorites, use the Spacebar to scroll down one page at a time, once at the bottomed it recycles to the top.

The following has been removed from ../excel/xl2html.htm and need editing

Internet Explorer, Netscape and Excel

Differences in versions of Excel

The versions of Excel have so many differences relative to generating HTML, and pasting HTML into Excel that when questions are posted to newsgroups concerning Excel and HTML you must indicate which version of Excel you are using.  The big thing in Excel 2000 is the ability to cut and paste from any Office Application into another Office 2000 Application with round-trip coding.  This results in bad (unreadable) HTML coding that is twice as large as might be coded by other means but it does work.  Excel 97 had earlier introduced HTML links into Excel.

Pasting IE Favorites into Excel 2000

The Favorites file is a space wasting set of directories, but they can be pasted into an Excel file by Exporting a Netscape compatible HTML file.  It really doesn't have the breadth (descriptive information) of a Netscape file but it will allow you to paste it into Excel and display the text and the link information.

Pasting Netscape Bookmarks into Excel 2000

View your Netscape bookmarks in IE5/IE6 and proceed from step 3 above.

Fixing Broken Links, and Out of Date URLs in Favorites (#err404)

Getting a 404 (not found) for a website such as using a bookmark (favorites) is a problem as websites get renamed, move, or just disappear. 

If you can find the actual page content of the page that is no longer available you may be able to find a relocated URL, use the archived webpage, or find a current substitute.

Front Page will identify, but is hard to work from the list.

Whether fixing web pages or favorits the process is much the same.

Wayback Machine (#wayback)

Web pages are archived at archive.org and may be sampled many times, so you can find old page content there for many sites.  Check URL in the Wayback Machine [http://web.archive.org] or more directly with something like

Most of my pages have NOINDEX so that search engines do not list a lot of related pages, but most sites don't do that, and search engines have improved considerably.  You will find more information on seaching on my Search page.

Check Google for cached content (#Google)

Check Title in Google.  If you do a search in Google for the Title you may come up with the same invalid url, but look in the cache for old page content that can be searched on -- this is where you will find such things as web page title, author, description and additional things to do another Google search and possibly find the current url.

Check the Title or whatever you have for the description in your link with a Google Advanced Web Search [ http://www.google.com/advanced_search?lr=lang_en] or Google Groups (newsgroups) search [ http://groups.google.com/advanced_group_search?num=100]

Identify and Fix broken links in Favorites (#fixfav)

For a program application to help you fix your Favorites see Internet Explorer Favorites Check (IEFC) « by A. Madeira, mentioned in LockerGnome, 2004-02-09.  also see my IEFC notes(txt).

For a progam to find broken links on a site see Xenu's Link Sleuth, Tilman Hausherr, probably seen on LockerGnome.
  [-- http://home.snafu.de/tilman/xenulink.html --]

This page was introduced on June 24, 2003. 

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