Macros that Manipulate, Display, or Edit Members

The tables on this web page have been arranged into categories.  Documentation can be found in the hypertext entries on this page.  Corresponding code can be found by going back to the main alphabetical listing at The REXX Macros Toolbox -- Brief Descriptions of The Edit Macros.

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Some of the documentation links below will fail, but the code can be found at The REXX Macros Toolbox.

Macros that manipulate existing data, including addition/deletion of gml tags
@C Capitalize each word of included word-list
@CAPS Edit CLIST changes text to upper case, equivalent to c all p'<' p'>'
@LISTRP Make %LISTRP into a SCRIPTable document Massages SCRIPT delayed output to .DU ADD cards
@SEQ Place SEQUENCE NUMBERS into DATA for use of SORT etc.
@SMALLS Edit CLIST changing text to lower case, and some back to caps.
ALIGNJCL Alignment of "EXEC" and "DD" JCL cards. (see/use FIXJCL)
ALIGNTAB Align tabs(ª) to cols. Optional CC or label range, NX only.
APPEND Add additional lines to CUT file (see CUT/PASTE) using CC or MM line ranges
ASCII Convert line at cursor from EBCDIC to ASCII
CLISTBOX Surround CLIST text with comment box (use CC line range)
CUT Extract lines using CC or MM line ranges. See PASTE and also APPEND
DOCIBMIN Make file from IBMIN into SCRIPT
FIXJCL Alignment of "EXEC" and "DD" and other JCL cards.
FIXLI Removes spaces after ":LI." (SCRIPT)
FIXP Removes spaces after ":P." (SCRIPT)
FIXPI Homogenize .PI entries to a more consistent capitalization (not for pre-existing good entries)
FIXQUOTE SCRIPT usage -- makes open and closed quotes (:q....:eq.) out of ("…")
FLIPFLOP *Flip lines (reverse) vertically between labels.
GML Wrap word or single/double quoted text within GML tags
GMLTP Insert GML tags between SCRIPT tabs.
HEXES Hex conversion of text within *HEX%% and %%

*HEX%%PP0NR %% (PP0NR)

INVERT Invert the lines between two labels (use FLIPFLOP instead)
JCLBOX Surround JCL with comment box (use CC line range)
LCFIX Lowercase Fix -- e.g. "I", "II", "III".
NXNX Display lines BEFORE and/or AFTER and/or labels. The NXNX clist does not change any data, but does facilitate making changes.
PANCTM Create PANEL displays for SCRIPT from PRINT | PRINTL command
PASTE Place lines previously extracted with CUT, use A for After, or B for Before
PERIOD Identify periods in SCRIPT with only single space after. This clist does not actually change data, but it is invoked to assist in your corrections. Please use two spaces after end of sentence periods. of sentence periods.
PI Create SCRIPT ".PI" beginning at CURSOR position
PROPER Capitalize some or all letters based on Our Company additions to DCF/SCRIPT dictionary plus some other criteria. Should only be used to correct gross misuse of lettercase. Recommended -- use after using @SMALLS.
REFORMAT REFORMAT edit clist reformats data

===> REFORMAT entire 1 8 ' ' 9 15 ' ' 16 72

REMBLANK Remove columns which are entirely blank
REMDUPS Remove duplicate (repeated) lines
removal Remove specified delimeters and the data between them.  May be tricky to use.
reverse See FLIPFLOP
SCLIST72 Split CLIST so col 72 and beyond is not used
SHIFT SHIFT right or left
SHIFTNX SHIFT NX right or left
SORTCR SORT word list into vertical columns -- labels required
SORTEM SORT word list horizontally -- labels required
SORT SORT command available in edit
SORTG SORT Groupings of lines based NX lines being the start of groups.
TAGX Place tags before and after identified X or NX line groupings
TXT2HTML Create HTML cards from text or code. CC-range is optional.   Will always generate <PRE>...</PRE> cards.   Will generate additional HTML cards only if no CC-range or entire file is included in CC-range.
UNGML Creates GML text from non-gml text, or reverses the process.

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Macros that add additional lines / delete duplicate lines
@AMSRCAT AMS delete / re-define GDG - ISREDIT macro
@DIR Edit CLIST to list directory members
@DIR LISTMEM add additional lines to end of member
@EDITMSK Surrounds text within an EDIT envelope
@ICOPY Interleaved COPY facility
@SLCT Brings in JCL for Selective SEARCH/PRINT of a PDS
@SLCTDSX Brings in JCL for Selective DSN JCL XREF of a PDS
@STRAP Trap clist WRITE statements and imbed at end of file in edit (re- written in REXX)
@STRAPD Creates a set of DSNAMES obtained from "LISTALC STA"
@STRAPE Trap clist WRITE statements and imbed at end of file in edit
@STRAPQ Trap clist WRITE statements and imbed at end of file in edit (TSO clist)
@TPP Create .TP entries based on use of the "not" (ª) character as the tab character
@TPP2 Create " " based on triple spaces or other criterion. Help with tables and or tabulated columns from flat file usage.
DUADD SCRIPT ".du add " before .duadx from .duadf sorted and reflowed
DUADDC PFK set up to help use DUADD clist doing SOP manual IS03
DUADDIN SCRIPT ".du add " placed back in -- labels required
DUADDOUT SCRIPT ".du add " removed -- labels required
JOBCARD Create a jobcard at beginning of JCL.
PINX Create .PI entries from NX (displayed) lines
PINXDOIT Make up .PI entries from scratch
PIR Put Index (.PI) Rotations for SCRIPT documents
PF13 PIR AT Put index (.PI) created beginning AT the cursor position
PF14 PIR Rotates existing .PI line at position of cursor
PF15 ** **deactivated to prevent use as END PF key
PF16 PIR S Swaps the first two portions of a put index (.PI)
REFORMAT REFORMAT edit clist reformats data
REMDUPS Remove duplicate (repeated) lines
REPEATNX Repeat the NX (displayed) lines for modification purposes, then X-out (undisplay) the original lines.
SCLIST72 Split CLIST so col 72 and beyond is not used
TAGX Place tags before and after identified X or NX line groupings
TXT2HTML Create HTML cards from text or code. CC-range is optional.   Will always generate <PRE>...</PRE> cards.   Will generate additional HTML cards only if no CC-range or entire file is included in CC-range.

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Macros that change the Display, Create Labels, but do NOT Create Data [depending on how used]
see also the Syntax checking clists
@DIR Edit CLIST to list directory members (also see @DIR on page
@DIR display all members
@DIR INDEX(lst) from(a) to(b) edit,  edit selected members
Directory statistics shown at top (see also DSINFO) of member currently being edited.
@LAB Label line cursor is on with label named on clist (no further documentation).
COLSUM Calculate the SUM (TOTAL) of specified columns within NX cc-range
DSINFO Dataset and Directory statistics -- CBT 103 INFO -- (see also @DIRSTAT)
FLOC FIN D then LOCATE .zcsr -- <BEGIN(x) PFX(prefix) SFX(suffix)
HEXSHOW Hex notation in data displayed in character form
LABNX Label NX (displayed) lines
MSGALLNX Place message line with NX line content above each NX line, before excluding all NX data lines.
NXNX Display lines BEFORE and/or AFTER and/or labels
XEVERY EXCLUDE lines containing EVERY specified character string

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Macros and TSO Commands to Output Report
@PRINT Simplifies use of PRINTOFF when done from within edit
@VP Simplifies use of VSPRINT when done from within edit
PRINTOFF Command to print out data i.e. PRINTOFF tso.dataset DEST(dest)
VPSPRINT Command to print out data i.e. VPSPRINT tso.dataset AHCENTER

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Miscellaneous Macros
@DATE Date conversion/display macro clist, via SHOWDATE clist
@SAVE SAVE member in edit only if it was changed
@SCRIPT SCRIPT the document currently in EDIT
@SCRIPT Q Look at "output" in edit mode without over-strikes
@SCRIPT EDIT Look at "output" in edit mode showing over-strikes
@SCRIPT DEST(dest) Print document on non-page printer (two level dest acceptable)
@SCRIPT DOWN Print on the 3800 page printer

For the most of the above you will be given a chance to recheck your options before hitting enter.

@SCRPTDU Create ".du add " and ".du del " for a SCRIPT member
@TSO Edit CLIST to function like a &TSO command would function
@TSOX Edit CLIST invokes TSO clist from SYS1.TSOCLIST
@TSOXD Edit CLIST executes current display as a TSO CLIST
@VP Edit CLIST invokes the VPSPRINT command
@XMIT TRANSMIT for member currently displayed in EDIT to dest.userid
EDITMEM Edit member indicated at cursor location
KILL Deletes indicated member from the PDS of the member under EDIT
MACMAC Invoke EDIT with preset ISREDIT commands, use semi-colon (;) as delimiter.
MACMACS Invoke EDIT with preset ISREDIT commands, use slash (/) as delimiter.
MANRLAB Relabel SYSTECH manual labels -- not documented

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TSO Executes and Clists
$EDIT EDIT any file from any ISPF panel -- does not use quotes around
===> TSO $EDIT fully.qualified.dsname
===> TSO $EDIT fully.qualified.dsname(member)
===> TSO $EDIT fully.qualified.dsname(pattern*)-- member selection panel
===> TSO $EDIT level1.*.level3 -- ties into DSLIST
===> TSO $EDIT userid.*.text* -- ties into DSLIST
===> TSO $EDIT level1.level2.* -- ties into DSLIST
COMPRESS Compress facility alternative to PDF 3.1
DDNAME Information about an allocated DDNAME in your session. Specify ddname to limit or specify ALL to get all ddnames. TSO DDNAME ISPPLIB
DESKCALC Desk Calculator Program, 10 memories, trig and hex
FOCUS User CLIST to operate FOCUS software program
HEXUS HEX to/from Character conversion (interactive)
IFPS User CLIST to operate IFPS software program
IOF Invokes IOF as a CLIST rather than from a panel providing you with an "extra window" allowing you to use IOF in the same manner had you used option 6.9. Use "EX " on the command line to exit returning you to your previous screen before you entered IOF.
IOFIOF Invokes IOF as a CLIST with default of SORT(NULL)
LISTDD Information about an allocated DDNAME in your session. Equivalent to DDNAME ALL and is compatible with SYSOUT trap usage.  Specify single or multiple ddnames.
LISTDDJ Information same as LISTDD, formatted for use when creating JCL by means of a SYSOUT TRAP.
TSO LISTDD to list all ddnames allocated
TSO LISTDD ISPPLIB to limit list to specific ddname of ISPPLIB
LISTRP List RACF protection -- %LISTRP

Results not accurate for datasets which you do not control.

O LOGOFF clist -- same as typing LOGOFF
OPHONE Find additional information of Bldg-O TSO users
OUTPUT TSO OUTPUT command -- retrieve SYSOUT output
P Hexadecimal Calculator
PCALC TSO Interactive Calculator
Q Quick entry into several ISPF panels and applications, examples
e.g. ===> TSO Q HELP -- displays clist on logic
===> TSO Q TSO -- 2.6 entry into TSO command
===> TSO Q DATASET -- 2.3.2 Dataset
===> TSO Q DSLIST -- 2.3.4 DSLIST
===> TSO Q SEARCH4 -- 2.3.14 Search-For
QHELP Trap HELP information into a dataset.
QW Quick-Ref, programmer's reference tool
REALLOC Reallocate datasets in an ISPF ddname concatenation
SAS SAS 5.18 invoked via CLIST without comments
SASFREE8 ALLOC/FREE SAS FILES used optionally in SAS, SAS518, and SAS606 must be copied from IS03.SHARE.TEXT and modified for own use.
SAS606 SAS 6.0.6 invoked via CLIST with comments
SUPERC Comparison of data, or members of PDS files
TLMSUSER Invokes TLMS for inquiry only.  TLMSUSER provides you with an " extra window"; but rather than putting you in browse, it actually invokes TLMS so that you can enter TLMS display commands.  To end this function, enter: END. This will also return you to the panel from which it was invoked, and will not disrupt any other TSO/ISPF work. [this execute is not available here]

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TSO Commands
HELP is available ===> TSO HELP command
===> TSO CLIST command HELP
COPY Duplicate sequential file, PDS, or PDS members see page
LISTBC Display messages from operator/user.
e.g. ===> TSO listbc
LISTCAT Display information from catalog(s).
e.g. ===> TSO listcat entry('is03.share.text')
e.g. ===> TSO listds 'is03.share.text'
PRINTOFF Used to print the contents of a dataset.
e.g. ===> TSO printoff 'is03.share.text(nclist)'
SEND Send messages to other users or to operator
send '...text...' user('userid list') now/logon/save nowait wait
e.g. ===> TSO send 'hello hello hello' u(Innn)
TIME Current time and current session usage time
e.g. ===> TSO time
IKJ56650I TIME-03:46:14 PM. CPU-00:01:52 SERVICE-745562
SESSION-07:15:28 NOVEMBER 26, 1985
WHOGOT Used to determine conflicts in the use of a dataset
e.g. ===> TSO WHOGOT DMS.PARMLIB /* note no quotes */

* In clist language the command delimiter (&ZDEL) can be obtained using


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