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This page is not being maintained, but one way to tell if something has been changed on the Excel page would be to use WatchThatPage - Monitor web pages extract new information at http://www.watchthatpage.com to monitor my Excel page http://www.mvps.org/dmcritchie/excel/excel.htm   Only fair to warn you that I make many changes to my pages to correct minor things in addition to occasionally adding new material.

Changes in Reverse Chronological Order

See Additions for pages in order added.

The following names either appear under http://www.mvps.org/dmcritchie/excel/ or under http://www.mvps.org/dmcritchie/excel/ nodes from excel on must be in lowercase.

I expect some difficulty in maintaining this page because pages are being constantly updated but only major updates and additions should be included in the future.  My Excel directories are viewable so you can actually check dates last moved to my site by looking at the directories.

Was just about to include how I check for the Creation date as opposed to the Last Updated date, only to see that Win98 does not provide this ability on the DIR command that WinNT did.

Sorry haven't been maintaining this.  Due to backup and recovery the original creating dates are no longer in the directories.
2001-04-28 validation.htm Validation of data entry
2001-04-19 proper2.txt continuation examples for proper.htm
2001-04-17 bus_sched.htm wanted PM times as boldface, without AM or PM
2001-04-14 LockerGnome.htm Newsletter my site appeared in
2001-04-12 xl2002.txt (notes to self)
2001-04-10 view_xls.txt (notes to self)
2001-04-10 buildtoc2.htm Build TOC Another Approach
2001-04-06 filename20.txt (notes to self)
2001-03-29 vbewindow.htm Visual Basic Editor (VBE) Window
2001-03-23 topics.htm (see xlindex.htm)
2001-03-23 topic.htm (see xlindex.htm)
2001-02-26 events.htm (see event.htm)
2001-02-24 google.htm Google update (also see search.htm and xlnews.htm)
2001-02-21 StarOffice.txt, some notes on
2001-01-26 font.htm, some notes on
2001-01-08 engines.htm, part of Search.htm -- may not get updated (sorry about that)
2001-01-07 avery.htm, list of avery labels, hyperlinked from Mail Merge
2001-01-03 search.htm, major revision of my SEARCH page to include search engines.
2001-01-02 xl2htmlx.txt, Coding for XL2HTML page
2000-12-31 help.htm, General Information about getting HELP, not indexed
2000-12-24 gotostuff.txt, Have these on my menus
2000-12-21 funstuff.htm, Fun Stuff, not indexed
2000-12-02 testwave.txt, running some WAV files, see code/beeps.txt instead
2000-11-27 condfmt.htm, Conditional Formatting
2000-11-11 snaketstcsv.txt, test data used with snake.htm
2000-09-18 cformat.htm, Conditional Formatting (must be put into condfmt.htm
2000-09-08 phone.txt, if important it is on my search.htm page
2000-09-06 buildtoc.txt, Code to go with builttoc.htm page
2000-09-04 vbeditor.htm, (barely started) VBE, Visual Basic Editor in Excel 2000
2000-09-04 beeps.txt, some neat beeps, plus playing all WAV files you have.
2000-09-03 listbox.doc, (barely started) don't think it is online
2000-08-24 recordvba.htm, Recording VBA Macro and Fixing (barely started)
2000-08-15 webnofee.htm, (not indexed) free access to email and internet.  Limit 25 hours per month.
2000-08-10 fractex1.htm,Fractions rounded to 1/4, 1/8, 1/16, 1/32, 1/64, 1/128, written by Bernie Deitrick
2000-08-06 comparexl.htm, Compare Excel Worksheets and Workbooks
2000-08-04 xlurl.htm, Excel Spreadsheets on the Web
2000-08-03 scrollbar.htm, Scroll Bars in Excel (not indexed)
2000-07-28 property.htm, Properties (probably not indexed)
2000-07-25 printing.htm, Printing (should be indexed, if not)
2000-07-15 userid.htm, Userid / machine name / identity / properties
2000-07-15 join.htm Updated all variables used for row and column numbers
from Integer to Long to provide for 64K row numbers and column for good measure for distant future.  Also wrapped turning off calculation and turning off screen updating and back to automatic and screen updating back on around the code to greatly speed up the coding.
2000-07-04 Summarizing Data, and Auto Filter
serves mainly as a reference point to access other pages.
2000-07-02 Excel to HTML has been split off into it's own page.
A lot of changes have been made to the Macro code for XL2HTML and XL2HTMLX including the ability to merge cells.  Features include Bold, italic, hyperlinks, and font color.  The filesize generated is about one third that generated by the Excel HTML save as wizards.
2000-06-17 Highlight Cell Changes builtin feature
2000-06-17 Gridlines, and Borders
2000-06-10 starting work on errors.htm, pasterows.htm, cells.htm
2000-06-06 Toolbars, redid XL2000 toolbar menus and buttons. 
2000-05-10 Search Page, added third party search page. 
Courtesy of www.freesearch.com
Most of my pages are not indexed by Robots so you will not find them on a web search, the purpose is to not annoy people with a lot of hits.  The site search allows you to search my site.  Hope you like it.  Found out about this from Chip Pearson's pages.
2000-05-10 Number Conversions, number to number
2000-03-31 Outlook Express 6.0, tips on using OE5 and OE6 (renamed to oe6.htm on sept 13, 2002.
2000-02-26 Fill-Handle, more than just replication using the fill-handle, demarcation line between row/column headers or the line just off the fill-handle.  Copying and moving rows/columns.  The fill-handle is one of the most powerful tools in Excel, and normally alleviates the need to type in formulas similar to the previous lines.
2000-02-24 Fed1041, sample formulas.  not indexed because evidently is a homework assignment for some so I just gave them the midpoint formula.  Sample was for 1996, I do things differently now.
2000-02-13 Fill-Handle, replication of cells, rows, or columns using the fill handle.
2000-02-10 BoldSUM, BoldCNT, FontStyle added to formula page
2000-02-05 VLOOKUP Worksheet Function
2000-01-30 Velcro and my monitor
1999-12-23 Stocks Why I would not use Excel for a portfolio
1999-12-19 Cell Comments viewing all cell comments in the workbook.
1999-11-11 BuildTOC redesigned to support XL95 and XL97
as well as XL2000 where it was originally developed, use to Build a Table of Contents of the sheets in a workbook.
1999-11-11 mbuildtoc.txt *new* coding for much of BuildTOC macros to avoid problems with HTML conversions.
1999-11-10 Freeze Panes in display and repeating headings in print.  Turns out to be similar to heading rows and columns page.
1999-11-07 Newsgroups updated to reflect current pages on Deja News site, timings.
1999-09-12 Backup added information presented by a professional who recovers data.
1999-09-07 Build TOC for workbook added macro with similar capability to
list names of Subroutines & Formulas in open workbooks, and provide a means to get to them in the VBA Editor similar to hypertext usage by invoking another macro.
1999-08-17 FontInfo(cell) function added to Formula page.
1999-08-15 Build TOC for workbook, complete with list of sheetnames as hyperlinks to the sheets in the workbook.
1999-08-07 Rearranged My Excel Pages (home page) * o x
so my pages are in one alphabetical list instead of split into two lists. 
1999-08-07 Color Stripes, Range, Conditional Formatting
1999-07-27 Change Email address in My Excel webpages to DMcRitchie%20%6Dsn.com
1999-07-23 ofc2000.htm
My experience in installing Office 2000 and resolving issues.
1999-07-23 aol_prob.htm
List of problems with AOL with WinNT 4.0 using dial-up access. Most of problems have not been addressed/resolved in 2 1/2 years of use.  I still have them for my webpages.
1999-06-26 lost hard disk with data
restored from my backup CD-R.  Will now be using two CD-R to back up personal data drive.  Problem caused by not knowing installation of a new hard drive as a secondary HD would cause reassignment of drive letters and in failure of supplied software to copy 2nd partition but instead copied 1st partition two times.  The CD-Writer that I used to restore my data is now refusing to read the very same disks restored from.  Want good backups of my data before proceding with Office2000 installation.
1999-06-23 fixed some of the syntax errors in pages,
mainly pages created with assistance from FrontPage, Navigator, and Excel Internet Assistant Wizard.  Also updated xlidxhyp.htm to make it current to xlindex.htm
1999-05-29 datetime.htm
Additional paragraphs including ordinal numerals, and EDATE example using string data.
1999-05-21 pathname.htm
Corrected usage of CELL("filename",A1) to include A1 where missing, after learning that a recalculate invoked with another sheet active would list information from active sheet not the sheet with the formula.
1999-05-21 snakecol.htm
added page since xlindex.htm had been pointing to it instead of code in snakecol.txt.
1999-04-30 shortx95.htm
added Calculate and Recalculation topic, and corrected headings for function keys at top of page, including the Ctrl+Alt+F9 which appears in a different HELP topic.
1999-04-09 join.htm
Added lastname() macro to process range in a column into  lastname,firstnames 
1999-04-06 whatsnew.htm
Added reference to [INDEX to my site and the offsite pages I reference] at end of all My Excel Pages.
1999-04-06 backup.htm
Split backup material from the page on sorting.  Everyone needs backup.
1999-04-06 sorting.htm
Added table for order used in Excel sorting.  Added a Formula that can be used to simiulate an EBCDIC sort order (letters before numbers).
1999-03-11 region.htm
Added a page for some of the things that are easily done manually with the arrow keys but do not work well as a recorded macro.  Starting with a macro to multiply Column A by Column B, with result in Column C from Tom Ogilvy.
1999-03-11 shortx95.htm
Added a view of an actual sheet created to show Excel shortcuts.  Directions have been in join.htm but are now included an actual example.  You should create your own.  This is just an example.
1999-03-11 symbols.htm
Changes were made to a symbols page mainly concerned with HTML symbols, but includes some ASCII and EBCDIC information.  Material added reflects EURO and similar information in a topic about Keying Characters into MS Excel.  Page is accessible from My Excel Pages.
1999-03-05 whatsnew.htm
Someone asked for it.  Additions should appear here.  Changes are made every day and only very major changes are likely to show up here, if at all.
1999-02-19 mailmerg.htm
1999-02-28 sorting.htm,
1999-02-27 insrtrow.htm,
1999-02-25 colors.htm,
1999-02-25 formula.htm,
1999-02-25 posting.htm, added msgbox
1999-02-25 strings.htm,
1999-02-25 xlidxhyp.htm,
1999-02-19 fillempt.htm,
1999-02-09 toolbars.htm,
1999-02-07 proper.htm,
1999-01-25 miscws.htm,
1999-01-23 pathname.htm,
1999-01-13 snakecol.txt,
1998-12-21 faq.htm
1998-12-19 logoshd.htm
1998-12-05 addinx.htm
1998-12-05 save.htm
1998-12-05 slowresp.htm
1998-12-05 xlnews.htm
1998-12-05 y2k.htm
1998-12-01 wsfunct.htm
1998-11-27 lastcell.htm
1998-11-13 csv.htm
1998-11-13 datecalc.htm
1998-11-13 temp.htm
1998-11-13 wordcnt.htm
1998-10-15 sumif.htm
1998-10-08 vba.htm
1998-09-05 goldfarb.htm
1998-08-08 delempty.htm
1998-07-28 xltips.htm
1998-07-05 framesh1.htm
1998-06-24 hints.htm
1998-05-07 headcols.htm
1998-05-07 robots.htm
1998-05-01 websrch.htm
1998-04-09 framesh.htm
1998-04-09 framesv.htm
1998-04-09 framesv1.htm

Additions in Reverse Chronological Order

1999-03-11 region.htm
1999-03-11 shortx95.htm
1999-03-05 whatsnew.htm
1999-02-19 mailmerg.htm
1999-02-10 xlidxhyp.htm
1999-02-04 xlindex.htm
1999-01-25 miscws.htm
1999-01-13 snakecol.txt
1998-12-05 y2k.htm
1998-12-04 save.htm
1998-10-17 addinx.htm
1998-10-15 slowresp.htm
1998-10-07 sorting.htm
1998-10-06 strings.htm
1998-10-06 wordcnt.htm
1998-09-05 goldfarb.htm
1998-08-15 datecalc.htm
1998-08-05 join.htm
1998-07-28 xltips.htm
1998-07-24 vba.htm
1998-07-17 delempty.htm
1998-07-16 proper.htm
1998-07-12 lastcell.htm
1998-07-11 colors.htm
1998-07-06 faq.htm
1998-07-03 wsfunct.htm
1998-06-30 fillempt.htm
1998-06-19 datetime.htm
1998-05-07 sumif.htm
1998-05-01 headcols.htm
1998-04-13 csv.htm
1998-03-25 framesh.htm
1998-03-25 framesh1.htm
1998-03-25 framesv.htm
1998-03-25 framesv1.htm
1998-03-25 insrtrow.htm
1998-02-25 hints.htm
1998-02-15 logoshd.htm
1998-01-16 formula.htm
1998-01-11 websrch.htm
1998-01-10 excel.htm
1998-01-10 pathname.htm
1998-01-10 posting.htm
1998-01-10 robots.htm
1998-01-10 xlnews.htm
1998-01-04 toolbars.htm

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